About Tarot Readings

My style of Tarot is forward looking, but not future predicting.

It’s all right there in the name. Tao means “way” – like a way of life or a way of doing things. Craft is another word for “make” or “create”- like arts and crafts.” TaoCraft Tarot is about helping you to make a new way forward on your chosen life path.

My readings are not the usual thing. These are next level readings for people who are ready to hear new ideas, to grow and, if needed, to heal,

If all you want is 100% “accurate” predictions, feel-good platitudes, or someone to fix your love life, then I am not the reader for you.

My readings may not have a lot of razzle dazzle drama or stage show theatrics, but they ARE very Zen, calming, inspiring and reassuring, perfect for a first reading – or a fiftieth.

If that style resonates with you, I hope we can work together soon.

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