Meet Your Reader


Hello. My name is Ronda. I read Tarot, write things, and make stuff.

I’ve been reading Tarot and oracle cards for over 25 years. Like a lot of readers, I didn’t start out in life doing Tarot work. I have a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science, 13 years clinical experience a physician assistant (in psychiatry and cardiac cath lab) a non-accredited Ph.D in Natural Health, Reiki Master-practitioner certification, U.L.C. ordination and am a retired Tai Chi instructor. After finishing my dissertation, my career path shifted toward holistic health, which is all about mind, body and spirit in balance. There are lots of practitioners who focus on physical wellness. As it turns out, my path is to help emotional and spiritual balance through Tarot, Reiki and Meditation.

I began reading Tarot and oracle cards as part of my new spiritual life as ex-christian after an evangelical upbringing. That, and the fact I was too cheap to pay for the phone psychics that were so popular back then. The DIY approach paid off. As it turns out, I have a talent for it. After reading for friends for a few years, my best friend encouraged me to start reading online. In the early 2000s I did readings under the nickname “Baihu” on Keen, Advice Trader, and Allexperts. When my Ph.D dissertation came along, I took the next logical step and started to work for myself. That’s when Modern Oracle Tarot was born. The extensive Tarotbytes blog archives are still available.

In October of 2018, I brought Reiki and meditation under the same cyber roof as the tarot work, transforming Modern Oracle into the TaoCraft Tarot you see today.

That’s the “I read Tarot” part.

Things I’ve written include “Tarotbytes” blog, the blog at RondaSnow.comModern Oracle: Hello, Peace Tarot, Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds and my dissertation Reiki and RelaxationPeaceTarot and Triquetra are available both on for Kindle and in the TaoCraft Tarot shop with other titles coming soon.  I have written  articles about Natural Health for Point of Light magazine, and about Tarot for Find Your Psychic e-zine. My poetry has been in magazines and contest anthologies including Kindred Magazine, Nature’s Echoes, Quicksilver Moon, and Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum.

Now for the making stuff…

I make handcrafted meditation beads (mala) for your meditation practice or to go with the meditation lessons offered here. You can find them in TaoCraftTarotShop on Etsy. I also knit and make handmade jewelry as a hobby. Some of those projects end up in the shop too.

Now we’ve come to the part where author’s bios put some jazzy 3rd person comment about where I live and so on…

Ronda lives in the Pittsburgh suburbs with her musician / concert photographer / computer genius husband, artist / musician daughter, her yarn stash and a deep dislike for doing yard work.

I hope we can work together soon.