What to Expect From a Reading

How a Session Works (It’s the same in person or by email)

  • Introduction: I connect to your energy when when I either read (email) or hear (in person) your topic, your question for your permission for an open reading. In person we may chat a little more than by email, but the energy connects the same either way.
  • Card Shuffle and Layout: In-person lets you be a little more involved with the shuffle. For email, I just shuffle until it seems intuitively right. The cards are placed on the table face up in whichever pattern you ordered. In private sessions we will use the 7 card layout. Parties vary from 1 card meditations up to the 5 card layout depending on the size and type of party.
  • General Pattern: We look at the cards as a whole picture. This can include things like number of major vs minor arcana cards, repeating numbers, or any purely intuitive impressions that may appear.
  • Card by card: We talk about each card individually: its meaning, the meaning of its position within the layout, and the type of message it is giving (advice, caution, validation, thanks, etc.)
  • Affirmation: This is a positive present tense statement based on your reading that you can use as a meditation mantra or just plain old encouragement.
  • Summary “psychic reading”: This puts all the cards back together. In this part we open up to any purely intuitive information that might come through whether it is directly related to your cards & question or not. This is a chance to hear things that are needed, even if they are not requested or expected. Often this part includes colors, aromatherapy and crystal gemstone suggestions.
  • If you order a written InkMagick pen and paper reading, it will will also include “sigil elements”. Modern sigils are an art form creating symbols that represent the things you want to bring into you life. Intuition and the reading often gives shapes, doodles or small uncharged or inactive symbols that you can use to create your own sigil and activate it according to your own beliefs and practices. Sigil elements are not included in email, in-person or video formats.


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