About TaoCraft Tarot

“Tarot doesn’t tell you what will happen in life; Tarot helps you figure out what to do when life happens.”

All Of My Readings Have The Same Format

  • Introduction: This is where the energy connection happens. We will talk in person or on the phone about your questions, the topic for the reading, or if you want an open reading. The SAME connection happens when I see your name & question vs open reading in print in the online order.
  • Description or photo of the card layout
  • General pattern: A holistic look at all of the cards as a group.
  • Card-by-card: We will talk about each card separately, its meaning, its position in the layout and the type of message it gives
  • Sigil element illustration (“InkMagick” only – order HERE)
  • Psychic Summary: This puts all of the other elements together as a summary, but also offers any purely psychic intuitive messages that may come through. There is no guarantee about the summary content, but this part sometimes can included crystals, aromatherapy, connections with spirit guides/crossed over loved ones or positive affirmations based on the reading. This part is guided by energy and spirit, not by me, and adapts to whatever your individual reading needs.

Prices are based per-card (rather than per minute) for both distance and in-person sessions. You know your full cost up front before we begin. Individual phone and in-person sessions usually last 40-45 minutes on average, but the exact time will flex to fit your individual energy message. Of course, with email readings, the timing is up to you. You can read, and re-read as much as you like.

Ronda Snow has been reading Tarot and oracle cards since the early 1990s, professionally online and in Pittsburgh PA since the early 2000s. She holds a Ph.D in Natural Health (from CCNH online) has a bachelor of science in Medical Science, 13 years experience as a physician assistant in psychiatry and cardiology, is a Reiki Master-practitioner, and is a retired Tai Chi instructor. 

The small print: All services are for entertainment and personal enrichment only. Does not predict the future, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Does not replace professional care. Contacting me indicates that you understand and agree to all policies.