“Tarot doesn’t tell you what will happen in life; Tarot helps you figure out what to do when life happens.”

The name TaoCraft is intended to honor the Taoist philosophy, Reiki ethics and path of magick craft that has given so much to me over the years.

My mission is to provide Tarot readings guided by the great treasures of simplicity, authenticity and kindness.

All Prices are flat rate per total session (not per minute) You know your full cost up front before we begin.

Hours : No appointment needed for distance Tarot (email, video, pen and ink readings.) Order anytime, 24/7/365. Some delays may occur nights, weekends and U.S. holidays. Live phone readings and skype meditation tutorials are by appointment only.

Location: Online! Any location able to accept gmail and use PayPal or Etsy.com can order an email reading. Phone readings: U.S residents only.

Purchasing or scheduling a reading indicates that you agree with the policies and disclaimers listed HERE

In-person individual and party Tarot readings are on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Of My Readings Have The Same Basic Format

Introduction: This is where the energy connection happens. Seeing your name, question or request for an open reading on the order information is all that I need to do the reading. On the phone, that happens when we talk about your question or topic at the beginning of the call.

Card Layout: photo, video, written or verbal description of your individual cards.

General pattern: A holistic look at all of the cards as a group.

Card-by-card: We will talk about each card separately, its meaning, its position within the layout and the type of message it gives.

Sigil element illustrations are only found in “InkMagick” handwritten pen and ink readings – order them HERE

Psychic Summary: This pulls all of the other parts back together, but also offers any purely psychic intuitive messages that may come through. There is no guarantee about the summary content, but this part can included crystals, colors, aromatherapy, connections with spirit guides/crossed over loved ones or positive affirmations based on the reading. This part is guided by energy and spirit, not by me, and adapts to whatever your individual reading needs.

Ronda Snow has been reading Tarot and oracle cards since the early 1990s, working professionally online and in the Pittsburgh PA area since the early 2000s. She holds a Ph.D in Natural Health (from CCNH online) has a bachelor of science in Medical Science, 13 years experience as a physician assistant in psychiatry and cardiology, is a Reiki Master-practitioner, and is a retired Tai Chi instructor. 

Readings are for entertainment, spiritual expression and personal enrichment. Contacting me indicates that you understand and agree to all policies.