Distance vs In-person

Distance Tarot readings are my specialty.

The only difference between a live reading and a distance reading is how you prefer to experience your session. It is eyes vs ears.

Writing comes naturally to me, I enjoy it. I can type out a Tarot session as effortlessly as other psychics speak them. Keyboards are a like a direct hotline connected right to my intuition. You get exactly the same reading as you would in-person.

A lot of people ask how that is possible. It all comes back to spirit and energy. I’m not actually really reading you at all. I’m connecting to universal life energy to get your message and delivering that message to you. This energy or spirit is everywhere, all of the time, which lets us access your unique message anywhere, anytime. I dial into your particular energy reading when I see your name and question on the screen, the same as when we talk at the beginning of a live reading.

From my side of things, the incoming intuitive message works the same way all of the time. The only difference is how I give that message back out to you. It makes no real difference to me whether I say it to you face to face, or type it out in an email.

Live phone readings and pre-recorded video readings are a middle ground. Phone readings happen in real time and are the closest substitute for a face to face session. Appointments are required so they are less convenient than the video sessions which you can order & watch anytime. Video has the same spoken word flow as a live session, but with the all the conveniences of an email reading. Live sessions allow you to ask questions on the spot. Distance readings include questions by follow-up emails at no extra cost.

The biggest difference between a live session and a distance reading is on your side of things. It is all about how you want to take the message in. Live readings and pre-taped video readings are real, raw, and unedited. Written readings are more clear, concise, artful, and have the benefit of spellcheck. It is up to you whether you would rather use your ears or your eyes to take in the words that spirit gives for you.

Distance Tarot Has Advantages

Convenient: No appointment needed for email or video readings. Order the reading whenever you want, 24/7. Open the email (or snail mail for paper and ink style) and experience your reading whenever you want, as often as you want. Live phone readings are almost as easy, but require prepayment and an appointment.

Affordable: With email, I can offer smaller layouts that are not cost effective to do in-person. E-mail readings start as low as $5. InkMagick pen and paper readings start at $7.

Private: No one sees you go anywhere. No one can read your attached document or access your private linked video without your consent.

Eco-friendly: Neither of us have to travel anywhere, no is gasoline burned, no paper used, no trees cut. I opted for a renewable electricity provider, so there is nearly zero carbon footprint for the whole thing!

Covid-19 safe – for both of us.