Distance vs In-person

Distance Tarot readings are my specialty. Order yours here.

Q: How can you read me if we aren’t together?

A: I’m not reading you at all. I’m listening to energy, spirit and intuition and putting that message into words for you. The message itself is exactly the same either way. The words are the same whether I say them or write them. The only difference between a live and distance session is how you like to hear the message. In-person and phone sessions are social, light, chatty, friendly. Your questions are answered in the moment as we go along. Written readings are private, powerful and intense. Written words amplify the emotion and magick of the moment. Your questions are still answered at the end, so you can take your time to come up with questions.

Distance Tarot Has Many Advantages

Convenient: No appointment is needed for email or video readings. Order the reading whenever you want, 24/7. Open the email (or snail mail for InkMagick illustrated readings) and experience your reading whenever you want, as often as you want. Live phone readings are almost as easy, but require prepayment and an appointment.

Affordable: With email, I can offer smaller layouts that are not cost effective to do in-person. E-mail readings start as low as $5.

Private: No one sees you go anywhere. It is entirely up to you when, where and how you experience the session. Read on the fly, or turn it into “me time.”

Eco-friendly: Neither of us have to travel anywhere, no is gasoline burned, no paper used, no trees cut. I opted for a renewable electricity provider, so there is zero carbon footprint for a distance reading!

Affordable: By working online, by phone, in public spaces or at your party venue I don’t have to keep an office. I pass those savings on to you. I charge per-session not per-minute so you know your full cost up front. A $40 seven card reading usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Compare that to the average $90-$100 per hour that some psychics charge (source: www.payscale.com).

Email and Phone Tarot is Covid-19 safe – for both of us. In-person/party readings are expected to return Halloween season 2021.