Meet Your Reader

Hi. I’m Sage.

I’m also a Tarot reader & writer/creator of TaoCraft Tarot blog, podcast and Ko-Fi shop

I started reading Tarot and oracle cards in 1992 which means I have 30 years experience (!) with intuition development ad psychic readings. Distance readings are my specialty.

I didn’t set out to be a Tarot reader (who does?) I’ve read for myself and friends for years (why PAY for it when I can do it myself?) A good friend encouraged me to go public with my readings. I read for online services including Allexperts, Keen and Advice Trader under my old internet handle “Baihu.” After a LOT of readings (I stopped counting at 400, give or take a few), I started my own independent Tarot practice in 2003, including, Tarotbytes blog, and the now-defunct “Quirk & Flotsam” shop on Etsy. In 2018 I re-branded everything to the TaoCraft Tarot that you see today. I’m currently writing and creating as Sage Snow instead of “Baihu.”

I’ve written a handful of short e-books including:

  • PeaceTarot (Kindle, ko-fi)
  • My Tarot Valentine (ko-fi)
  • Upcoming titles including TaoCraft: Portfolio, Sending Stones and more.

Single poems of mine have been published in Kindred magazine, the International College of Poets’ collections Natures Echoes and Quicksilver Moon, and the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum’s 1994 contest anthology. I’ve also written non-fiction for the now out of print Point of Light magazine.

My personal blog “Sage & Stuff” is random overflow writing that doesn’t quite fit here.

To paraphrase the introduction of Portfolio, “I want to share the art of Tarot with you and this whole blog is my portfolio.” I hope we can do a reading together soon.

Thanks for visiting!

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