TaoCraft Portfolio Free Download

How do you know if a psychic or Tarot reader is the right one for you? How do you know if they are legitimate?

Common sense goes a long way. Look for third party reviews on websites like Yelp. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if a rating is available. Ask people you know and trust to recommend a reader.

Just because your philosophy about readings don’t match theirs, or personalities clash doesn’t mean the psychic is doing anything illegal or wrong. Many times it is all a matter of expectations. The solution is for everyone to talk about all the basics up front before the reading begins. That’s what TaoCraft Portfolio is all about. If you read it, then my Tarot readings can only meet or exceed your expectations because you will already know exactly what to expect from a session with me.

No two Tarot readers are alike just like no two artists are exactly alike. There are many different philosophies about intuitive readings just like there are many genres of art. When an artist interviews for a job, they bring a portfolio with examples of their work so the potential employer can see if they are a good match for the job or the project.

I want to work with you to do an excellent Tarot reading. I want to work with you and this is my portfolio