The Layouts: Something for Every Question (and budget)

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One Card Meditation: This reading is good for both extremes of focus. It can offer a wide general view to serve as an open meditation for the day…OR it can be a laser focused quick follow up to a recent larger reading.

Three Card Pathway: A modern version of the classic “past-present-future” reading, this layout includes ‘lessons from the past,’ ‘current situation’ and ‘moving forward’ cards to show the path you are currently on.

Three Card Yes or No: Tongue in what’s left of his cheek, Zombie Cat style readings do just what the name says and answers ANY yes or no question with a little snark and plenty of lame attempts at humor. If your question isn’t in yes or no format, Zombie Cat will make it into one. Buyer beware – after all it says zombie right there in the name. Zombie Cat’s readings are 100% guaranteed to contain words and have a 50% chance of being dead wrong.

Five Card Modern Oracle Layout: This is a great all-purpose reading that has the best balance between details, simplicity and clarity. Perfect for first-time readings, the Modern Oracle uses the three pathway cards then adds a ‘choices’ and an ‘alternate path’ cards. This is the layout used in the small ‘classic’ card party for 3-5 guests.

Seven Card Expanded Modern Oracle Layout: Has all of the same cards as the Modern Oracle reading, but adds ‘helping energies’ and ‘potential challenges’. This is the largest, most detailed layout that I offer. It is the layout we use for in-person individual sessions.

InkMagick and mini InkMagick: Unique Tarot experience, unlike any I’ve ever seen. This is the reading for book lovers everywhere. This pen and paper reading is hand written with a classic fountain pen or glass dip pen on high quality 24lb paper and collected in a staple and tape binding with cardstock covers. Contains the same parts as the other readings but  with the added feature of a “sigil element” intuitive illustration. This is a glyph or shape given by intuition that you can use in your own sigil crafting, or you can use as-is for a lucky mark or talisman. A mini InkMagic reading is a handwritten one card meditation reading mailed to you in a plain white envelope for privacy. The mini also includes the sigil element.

The Year Ahead: One card for each of the upcoming four seasons no matter what time of year the reading is done. Jump right in, and get a guiding them for the next 3 months and each of the seasons beyond plus another card to symbolize the coming year as a whole. Available at New Years, and randomly on the special offers page.

TimeFlow is a new layout under development and is a tool for managing time and getting organized. The layout positions are

  1. Let it rest (pull back your attention and set this aside, give it room to grow)
  2. Let it go (something that can or should be fully released)
  3. Que it up (something whose time has not yet come, but needs preparation)
  4. Let it flow (the best place to put your attention and energy right now)

NOTE: All of these layouts are available by email. Seven, five and yes/no card readings are available by phone. Five card readings are available as video. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person and party readings are closed until further notice.