Ask Zombie Cat

Hey. ‘Sup.

I’m Zombie Cat, a slightly snarky, freewheeling fictional character from the blog post of the same name. My specialty is yes or no three card Tarot, but you can use this contact form to ask me anything for FREE because it amuses me to tell it to people like it is. I’m a zombie. And a cat. So I’ll chew on your toes sooner than treat you like you have fragile feelings. You are more fierce than that, or you wouldn’t have read this far. The answer to any of the questions submitted here will be posted in the blog. Please follow the blog so you don’t miss your answer. If you don’t want a blog answer, you can order a private custom Tarot reading by email HERE (subject to all site policies and disclaimers.) As for the free blog answers, it might use Tarot cards, or it might not. It might be funny, or it might not. It might make you feel angry, relieved, inspired, (insert emotion here) or it might not. All of the ASK ME ANYTHING posts are 100% guaranteed to contain words, and have a 50% chance of being dead wrong.

Take a chance. Ask Zombie Cat.