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Reddit’s AMAs don’t have anything on Zombie Cat.

You can ask Z.C. anything right here! Use the contact form below to ask Zombie Cat anything you like. Inappropriate comments or spam will be set on fire and ignored. Z.C. shambles along with the small print disclaimers at the bottom of the page, so medical and presidency get a very soft and squishy-hearted  “no”.  Anything else, your questions are picked at random to be answered FOR FREE on the blog, on the YouTube channel or (potentially) on a monthly podcast.  Would you be interested in a raw, unedited, low tech kinda mangy podcast called “Zombie Cat’s Pirate Tarot? If you’d listen…let me know! (Psst! You can use the contact box below for THAT too).

Don’t worry. All answers will edited to protect everyone’s identity…so ask away. No one will know it is you. AZCA is open to planet Earth via the World Wide Web, so that should be enough plausible deniability for anyone.

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“Zombie Cat” is a snarky fictional character. Everything written under the title of Zombie Cat is purely for fun,  entertainment. Zombie Cat’s opinions are 100% guaranteed to contain words and has a substantial chance of being dead wrong. Use at your own risk. After all, it says ZOMBIE right there in the name.