Merry December

Elfcon 1, engage!

Meatspace is filled with knitting, with cookies soon to follow.

Cyberspace has a couple of new things

Tarot Reading gift certificates are in the ko-fi shop for instant download. Redemption instructions are on the certificate itself.

The Tarot Table membership tier is available. Now through New Year members can get 10% off all e-books in the ko-fi shop only.

No Tarot Turnover post this Sunday. It looks like the plan of YouChoose Tarot on Monday with Short Sip Tarot other days seems to be holding up so far. Follow the blog (right hand column on laptop view, scroll wayyy down on mobile view to enter your emial) to get all available Tarot content in one place.

Or pick your socials: I’m on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and Tumblr.

E-mail distance Tarot is OPEN, no appointment needed. Turnaround time might vary a lot between now and New Year, but I will be doing readings all holiday season. “Year Ahead” layouts are available on the home page.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome (here or in the socials) however spam or anything else inappropriate will be deleted in a flash of hellfire.

Thank you so much for reading the blog!

Month Ahead Pathway Reading Dec. ’21

The members only monthly Tarot reading is now available:–December-2021-A0A6780X2

Reserve your seat at the Tarot Table! For $5 per month, the same as a one card meditation reading, you get a THREE card members only “path through the month” reading, random special offers, monthly newsletter and a one time PRIVATE year ahead Tarot reading by email when you join.

Elfcon 2021

Holiday Elf-ing around here is about to hit def-con 1. Truth be told, I love all the baking and making and knitting and cinnamon everything.

E-mail readings will be OPEN all season long. It might take me a little longer to get the reading to you depending on what’s in the oven and what the fam needs.

Social media will be taking a back seat however. Call it a meatspace sabbatical. The general plan is to do blog-exclusive “Sunday Turnover” intuition exercise Tarot readings on Sundays, YouChoose Interactive Tarot on Monday’s (if you follow the blog, it works great as a week-ahead reading when you read it same-day) then have Short Sip Tarot post the rest of the time. I also plan to have more blog-only content during the holidays. I’m reviving my personal blog “Stuff” and will re-post some of that here as an act of elf care and elf preservation as I try to get this stuff knit on time.

Email is still the best and quickest way to contact me to get more information and check scheduling for live online readings.

PLEASE feel free to comment or send questions for the podcast. Even though it is mostly the Short Sip Tarot readings, I’ll still be doing confessional episodes and will do Q&A episodes IF you all submit a question, that is.

.Too late to knit something? Gift Certificates for an email Tarot Reading are available HERE

Happy Thanksgiving to USA folks celebrating this week. Merry Happy everything to all!

Elfcon 1 – engage

Fall & Winter Schedule

If you’ve followed the blog on the main website, you’ve heard most of this before, but there is some new stuff sprinkled in like the colored sugar on holiday cookies so I hope you’ll give it all a read anyway.

I’m SO grateful for the chance to say hello and welcome to new followers, new ko-fi supporters AND new members to the Reading Room membership tier (also on ko-fi.) Please be patient if there is a lot of repetition here. I just want to make sure I have all of my proverbial ducks are in a row before the annual Elfcon 1 season.

Just like last new year, I still say that you have to make a plan before life can blow it to bits. Here’s the general plan for the rest of Fall & Winter. Most of this is going to happen both here and on multiple social media platforms. You can find TaoCraft Tarot content on Ko-fi, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Linkedin, Anchor Fm, Spotify, Stitcher and Tumblr, but this main website and this blog is the ONLY place that has EVERYTHING all in one place. I hope you’ll join me here. Follow the blog by entering your email over there in the right hand column –>

OR scroll WAAYYYY down on mobile screens and you’ll get all of the free content delivered right to your inbox.

Distance Tarot is OPEN and available to order 24/7. LIVE online readings require an appointment but email readings are all no appointment needed.

In-person readings are back by appointment on an extremely limited basis. We meet in a public place (I prefer these Panera locations) Touchless prepayment is available HERE. Please contact me through to schedule. Facemasks are required regardless of vaccination status. No exceptions.

Sunday Turnover posts will post on – you guessed it – most Sundays. This is a main blog exclusive intuition development exercise.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot is intended to reach through the noise of the internet and give you a more personal Tarot experience. You choose the card, then get a short reading for it. This is a video reading available on the blog, on the YouTube channel and on the Ko-fi blog

Speaking of ko-fi…the Reading Room is OPEN. This is a premium membership tier. For $5 per month members receive a three card “path through the month” reading (via the members-only part of the ko-fi blog) plus random special offers and giveaways plus a private “year ahead” reading by email when you join. E-books are available for instant download in the ko-fi shop. Any virtual coffees that you donate supports website expenses and creating new content for the blog, the youtube channel and the podcast.

Speaking of the Clairvoyant Confessional podcast…

It is now TaoCraft Short Sip Tarot Podcast: guidance for your day in the time it takes to sip from your morning coffee. It is available on anchor fm and Spotify. The logo and content should follow on other platforms soon.

All of this goes toward making my TaoCraft Tarot readings one of the most affordable. I’m a fan of big bangs for every buck – look at this way: I charge $40 for a 1 hour (ish) seven card reading in all formats: in-person, zoom meeting or email. Compare that to the US national average rate of $99 per hour.*

There are no hidden fees and all of my prices are flat rate per reading, not per minute. You know your whole cost up front before the reading even starts with germ free, safe and sanitary pre-payment, securely processed by PayPal.

Not to mention that I have other lower cost email special layouts starting at $5 each.

The Etsy shop is open. I hope to add more “moments” loom beaded bracelets and mala style meditation beads as Elfcon progresses.

Thanks for reading all the way through this! See you for tomorrow’s short sip tarot.


Members only monthly reading now available

Members can view the energy path reading for the month of November now on the ko-fi membership tier blog:

To join:

For $5 per month, members receive a monthly newsletter and Tarot Reading, random special offers and giveaways, and a private personalized Year Ahead reading by email when you join.

10-23-21 Zombie Cat Still Shambles

Next weekend? Really? Well that month escalated fast.

Just a quick reminder that Zombie Cat yes/no readings are $5 off for only one more week before the price goes back to abnormal.

Zombie Cat yes/no readings used to be seasonal, but they are available year-round now on the “Special Layouts” section of the no-appointment email readings page.

What makes them “Zombie Cat” readings? They are written with fictional cartoon alter-ego Zombie Cat’s tongue in what’s left of his cheek mildly snarky dad joke level sense of humor . He’s a zombie. He’s a cat. He doesn’t care about how predictions do or don’t work. Zombie Cat doesn’t care about disclaimers (they still apply – ZC just doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about them) Ask ANYTHING. No promises it will be an answer you want to hear. Want a prediction? He’ll give it to you. It just might be dead wrong.

In other words, they are perfect fun for Halloween.

Or any other time of year.

Order yours HERE

Your Turn

Tarot Turnovers flips the script on YouChoose Interactive Tarot readings: I choose the card, YOU give the meaning.

Today’s card is Judgement.

Possible meanings include

  • consequences for your actions
  • karma is coming into play
  • rise from the ashes – a second chance is coming
  • don’t keep punishing yourself. Pay your dues and move on
  • use reason and sound judgement to make the decision
  • Where are you being too lenient or judging too harshly

Few quick reminders:

  • Zombie Cat yes/no Tarot readings by email are $5 off until Halloween 10-31-21. Ask Zombie Cat ANYTHING. The readings are 100% GUARANTEED to contain words, but have a 50% chance of being dead wrong.
  • All tips given to the virtual coffee mug supports this blog, the YouTube videos that show the (almost) daily real-world card draw and the Clairvoyant Confessional podcast.
  • The podcast now features the (almost) daily “Sip of Tarot” nano episodes. Get a one card Tarot meditation in the time it takes to sip from your morning coffee
  • The NEW membership tier, only available on ko-fi is now live. For $5 per month you get a seat at the reading table with a monthly members-only pathway reading, random special offers and giveaways, and a private “year ahead” reading by email when you join.
  • in-person readings are available on a *very limited* basis and face masks are required throughout the reading, no exceptions. No mask = no reading & no refund.
  • Watch for a special new feature to be announced here in the blog on Halloween

Midweek Reminders

I dunno what the heck happened, but today’s “sip of tarot” post just isn’t loading into the podcast so we’ll just have to settle for blog , ko-fi, and YouTube Shorts for today’s card.

That being said, I want to run through some quick announcements – as much to get myself organized as much as anything

Barring mysterious technical gremlins, the (almost) daily one card meditation readings will be on multiple platforms so you can look, listen or both. Instead of “Today’s Tarot” these posts will all be titled “Sip of Tarot” to keep them distinct from “YouChoose” interactive posts and other blog-only content. Sips of Tarot can be found here on the blog page, on YouTube, Clairvoyant Confessional podcast (Spotify, Stitcher, googlepodcasts, anchor fm & more) and the Ko-fi blog

Speaking of ko-fi: The membership tier is OPEN. For $5 per month, members get a three card “pathway through the month” reading, member-only specials and giveaways, and a private, individual “year ahead” reading by email when you join.

The ko-fi virtual tip mug supports the podcast, the channel and this blog.

Speaking of this blog, you can follow it over there –>

Everything goes through here: links to podcasts, youtube videos, announcements of new member-only content, print-only blog posts exclusive to this site – all of it is right here.

TaoCraft Tarot social media is on Facebook, Tumbler, & Linkedin, but I only really interact with Instagram and Twitter. Drop by and say hi sometime!

I expect to pull all of that stuff together in a few weeks with a little something for Halloween, to celebrate the third anniversary of TaoCraft Tarot’s grand opening.

Your Very Own Seat at the Tarot Table

The October announcement included the NEW membership tier on K0-fi. This blog is STILL 100% free, will contain everything in one place, including reminder links to the memebers-only content. Of course, only members can view the post at the end of the reminder link.

There will STILL be blog-only content here that you can’t get anywhere else on the web. What I’m trying to say is be a member & follow this blog and you get EVERYTHING, every scrap of Tarot content I create. The monthly premium is the same cost of a one card meditation reading except that you get a three card reading per month plus all the rest. Since domain and web hosts won’t take Tarot readings in barter, there is a nominal fee to support the blog, the podcast and the time put in to creating it all including the YouTube shorts (almost) everyday.

*infomercial voice* That’s right folks! For the low, low cost of $5 a month, you get a three card member’s reading each month PLUS random special offers and giveaways PLUS a private, personal “Year Ahead” reading by email when you join.

Here is an example of what the “month ahead” members only reading look like each month, with each card serving as a them for about 10 days or so in the first, middle and last thirds of the month.

As I type this,* that sounds way more complicated than it actually needs to be. Come to think of it, I’m going to do “pathway” style readings instead…your path through the month.

Either way, bottom line, you get a THREE card member’s reading for the price of ONE card meditation reading.

Witches Tarot used with permission

October is the anniversary of TaoCraft Tarot’s “grand opening” in 2018. It fits that October is our first members-only monthly reading. 

Just for this first layout, I’ll open the reading up to everyone on the main website in a few days, to let them know about this new feature. After that, you’ll have to be a member or supporter to see the three card “month ahead” readings. ONLY monthly members get a free “year ahead” reading by email when you join.

October has a regal energy. I’m no astronomer or astrologer, but I get the mental image of Saturn. I don’t get a general – energy sense about what that could mean, but let’s just mention it in case it resonates with someone…a birth month or astrology association would be my guess.

The early part of the month has a practical get-things-done sort of feel. The energy reminds me of when I was young and my grandmother canning everything under the sun from their garden. Things may be busy, but it seems short lived and will pay off later. Like the soup she would make in the winter. Don’t wait for someone else to lead the way. It’s up to you to decide what to can and what soup to make later, to extend the analogy.

Pages are learning, swords  are mind and intellect. The middle part of the month is time to feed your mind, to free your mind. New ideas are important. Curl up with a good book

Wands are fire and passion. Toward the end of the month, take what you’ve done, take what you’ve learned and light it up, metaphorically speaking. Apply the ideas that the page part of the month brought to you.

This month, the reading is mostly an example of what to expect in the months to come. You can roughly apply each card as a theme for 10 days at a time or just follow your intuition and sense the shifts in energy as the month goes on.

As an extra celebration for TaoCraft’s anniversary month, I’d like to offer a free Zombie cat yes/no reading to the supporters and members who claim it before October 31, 2021 – my Halloween treat to you! Just email TaoCraftTarot@gmail with your question. Ask anything and Zombie Cat will have at it! The usual disclaimer of a 50% chance of being dead wrong applies.

Who’s Zombie Cat? My slightly snarky feline alter ego inspired by Schrodinger’s thought experiment and an episode of Menage A Tarot (a 2015 podcast I did with David Dear, of “Ninth World Journal”  and Kate of “Daily Tarot Girl” You can read the original Zombie Cat blog post here.

* “No plan survives first contact with implementation” – Adam Savage, I think.

photo: Witches Tarot, art by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans used with permission


Clairvoyant Confessional: Styles and Stereotypes


I’m a clairvoyant and I have a confession. I’m not lame – I mean lamé. I won’t wear gold lamé.

Scratch / Oneip

Hi. I’m Ronda from I read Tarot, write stuff and make things. Welcome to season two of the Clairvoyant Confessional podcast.

What comes to mind when you think of a Clairvoyant?

Do you expect gold lam’e outfits, 1-800 numbers and exotic accents? Or do you just start checking for your wallet?  If that’s your first thought, you are not alone.

No one likes stereotypes, but they do exist. Assumptions and stereotypes are a big problem for anyone interested in psychics, Tarot, clairvoyance or ANY sort of non-mainstream spirituality. That’s true on BOTH sides of the Tarot table. 

There has been no end of psychic scams and fakes and grifters over the years…centuries really. It’s no wonder that people think psychics are all either a scam or some kind of supernatural evil.  

That historical criminality casts suspicion on any legitimate advertising that a spirituality oriented business might use today. Personally I approach Tarot as a folk art as much as anything else. 

Art has a business side  – just think about all the money you’ve spent on tickets for movies or band concerts.

If a psychic is professional and business-like, then half the people think they are not genuinely spiritual. If a psychic focuses on entertainment or spirituality, then the other half of people think they are a scam. Doing professional psychic readings is not for the feint hearted. 

BUT – neither is finding a good psychic. Readings are fun. They really are art & entertainment. Intuitive readings are also stress management because they can help you sort through difficult times and get your head around life a little bit. Art or self-care, either way, finding a psychic you can trust is important.

So how do you do it? How DO you find a psychic who is both authentic and trustworthy?

That’s why I call the ebook I’m writing “TaoCraft Portfolio”. When an artist interviews for a job, they take examples of their work in a portfolio so the potential employer can see their skills …AND their style… to decide if they are a good match for the job. 

I created this podcast, the blog, the youtube channel, and the social media…all of it…to act as my portfolio. I’m hoping you’ll see all of this behind-the-scenes stuff and decide my style is a good match for your Tarot reading. Or not.

That’s all well and good for you and me, but it doesn’t solve the larger problem. There are a LOT of psychics out there but no spiritual better business bureau or billboard top twenty Tarot. 

As I see it, if you want to find a good reader you have to do the very thing you are paying us to help you do. You have to use your instincts. BUT for the find a psychic part, common sense and due diligence are the doorway to your instincts instead of cards or runes or palm lines and such.

You wouldn’t hesitate to ask friends, family or neighbors for a referral if you need a plumber or a mechanic, right? Why should this be any different? I mean, I wouldn’t suggest asking your super religious mother in law if she knows a good psychic, but asking like-minded people you know is a pretty reliable way to find someone. 

Barring that, you might have to dig a little. Read ads, visit websites, ask at indie bookstores. Those of us on this side of the reading table are a little underground for all the same reasons that you need to be on your guard. We have to protect ourselves from bigotry, other people’s bad reputations, and people trying to scam us. We have to deal with the age old psychic stereotypes just as much as you do.

Once you get a recommendation or find an ad or website that you have a good feeling about, talk to them.

I’m not suggesting that you pour out your heart to some rando stranger that you found online. Ask common sense questions that you would ask any business. Ask about hours, prices, locations – stuff like that. Normal business questions create a safe space for you to get a sense of things. 

Whether it is by phone or by email, you can get a better feel for the psychic’s  professionalism and trustworthiness from this kind of neutral conversation than any other way. 

If they are patient and open with your questions that is a good sign. If they rush right in with promises of 100% accuracy or guarantees to fix your love life, you probably want to keep looking. If someone approaches you with a reading without you asking for it first, run the other way. 

A trustworthy reader will never demand that you believe certain things or demand that you see them regularly in order for their reading to “work” Any situation that makes bigger and bigger demands on your time and money should absolutely be avoided. 

But if it seems legit, and it feels right and if you can afford it, try a session. If you and the psychic are a good match, you’ll know right away. Real Tarot readings are about inspiration, empowerment and validation of what you already kinda knew. 

If that first session doesn’t go well, that doesn’t mean anyone did anything wrong. Style and personality play a huge part in these things. If you are hoping for gold lam’e and a sense of drama, then sneakers and yoga pants might disappoint – and vice versa. Just because your personality doesn’t vibe with theirs doesn’t mean the psychic is a criminal or that you did anything wrong. If a trial session doesn’t feel right, it is perfectly OK to just move on and keep looking for someone else.

Fortune teller booths and party entertainment are just that…all fun and giggles, no harm done even if it is terrible. But when it comes to a one to one individual reading, if you have an uneasy feeling, you should absolutely listen to it. There are about a bazillion psychics out here in the world. Never settle for anything less than a feeling of confidence in the person who is going to do your reading. 

With the Internet, you have a whole world wide web to choose from. It is chock full of ridiculous scams but it’s also chock full of incredibly talented and compassionate people. 

We’ll talk more about online vs in person readings in another episode, but for now, just use your head and listen to your own instincts and you’ll find the right person with the right style for you. 

If you want sizzle, drama, and gold lam’e, it’s out there.

If you want a calm, relaxing, coffee in the kitchen style – I GOT you. There’s not a scrap of gold lam’e anywhere around here. 

Short dimension

Thank you so much for listening! 

Do you have a question for the clairvoyant? Send it to the contact in the episode description and it might be answered with a tarot reading in a future podcast episode.

The music you hear is Dimension by Pittsburgh band Dinosoul, all rights reserved. It’s used here with their written permission. 

Thanks again, and I’ll see you next time in the Clairvoyants Confessional.

Want a private reading with the Clairvoyant? Email readings are OPEN – available to order 24/7 no appointment needed.

Phone/online readings require an appointment and schedule a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Polices have been updated and are listed here. Contacting me indicates you agree with all policies and disclaimers.

In-person and Party Tarot in select South Hills areas of Pittsburgh PA: email for details. Service area and covid-19 policies apply.