Distance Tarot

The message is what matters. Distance doesn’t change the message, only how we humans communicate it. Say it, write it, type it…the energy connection is the same.

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7 Card Tarot Reading by e-mail

The SAME layout used for in-person sessions. Email version includes photo of your unique cards and written interpretation by email. For fastest service, use the “contact merchant” button to send your question, topic or OK for an “open” reading. Please read website policies and disclaimers.


5 card Tarot Reading by e-mail

First Reading? Not sure which layout to get? This is the one for you! Includes a photo of your unique cards and written interpretation by email. For fastest service, use the “contact merchant” button to send your question, topic or OK for an “open” reading. Please read the policies and disclaimers on the website.


Zombie Cat’s YES or NO Tarot Reading

Playful, fun, tongue in what’s left of his cheek, Zombie Cat’s yes or no Tarot is just that. It gives you a a yes or no answer to any ONE question. But buyer beware … Zombie Cat’s readings are 100% guaranteed to have words in them, but have a 50% chance of being dead wrong.


InkMagick Sigil Tarot Reading by e-mail

SPECIAL PRICE NOW to APRIL 30th ONLY! Handwritten one card daily meditation Tarot includes card drawn just for you, card interpretation, a “sigil element” power symbol given by spirit / intuition that you may use in your own sigil crafting or talisman/amulet making plus a positive affirmation based on your Tarot Card suitable for use with meditation beads. For fastest service, use the ‘contact merchant’ button to send a topic, question for your reading or request an open reading instead. Paper version (pictured) also available. Please ask for details.


7 card VIDEO Tarot Reading

Get the feel of a live session with the convenience of a distance reading. You will receive a link by email that will take you to view or download your video. Includes video of card shuffle and layout with spoken card interpretation. Features the EXACT SAME layout used in a live in-person session. Use the "contact merchant button" to send your reading's question, topic, or your OK for an "open" reading. Please read policies and disclaimer on the website.



They call intuition a sixth sense or extrasensory perception for a reason.  It really doesn’t have anything to do with normal seeing, hearing OR with physical distance. I don’t need to be with you for a reading, because I’m not reading YOU at all. I’m listening to spirit and reading universal energy FOR you. I can read energy and listen to spirit from anywhere because spirit and energy is everywhere. Think of it like an email for you in a language that you don’t speak fluently. Getting a reading is like getting an expert translation of that email. You might know some of the language yourself and could figure it out, but a pro could translate quicker, easier, and with more depth. I connect to your specific message when you ask your question or give permission for it to be an open reading. That connects me to the message for you. Then I use the Tarot cards to help me “read” the mental images, words, feelings that spirit/energy gives for you. I translate those impressions into English sentences that you can use to help you. When it comes to energy connections and spirit messages, it doesn’t matter if I say it out loud, type it on a keyboard, or write it down on paper. If spirit gives me the impression of a flower, I give you the word “flower,” It doesn’t change the word or the meaning one bit if I type it or say it to you in person. As a writer, using the keyboard is extra easy for me. I can read the energy and type the energy message as easily as other psychics speak it. That’s why distance Tarot is my specialty.


  • Private: No one sees you go to the psychic, no one sees or hears your reading but you (unless you share it)
  • Convenient: Order when you like, download and read when you like, no appointment needed!
  • Trustworthy: You know it is heartfelt, genuine intuition (no mentalism, cold reading, body language interpretation, or stage tricks). No extra connection fees or upcharges. Know your FULL price the moment you order.
  • Affordable: with no storefront or office, I can pass the savings along to you.

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