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Online video call & phone readings

Don’t want to wait for an appointment? Email Tarot is ALWAYS AVAILABLE no appointment needed!

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  • Purchase your live session with the secure paypal button below. Contact me at to schedule. (This is the quickest way to reach me) Use the zoom link in the confirmation email at your appointment time. Skype, Google Meet and phone also available upon request. Valid email needed to participate.
  • 7 card live sessions last between 45-60 minutes, adjusting to your individual energy message. 5 card sessions last 30-45 minutes

LIVE 7 card individual Tarot reading

Shows the path you are on, advice, alternate path, helping energies and potential challenge. Price is a flat rate for the whole reading, no hidden connection fees or per minute charges. Please allow up to 1 hour for the session. This is a folk art entertainment service and does not predict the future. Policies and disclaimers apply


LIVE 5 card individual Tarot Reading

Shows the path you are on, advice and alternative path. Price is a flat rate based on the number of cards. Please allow at least 30 minutes for the session. This is a folk art entertainment that does not predict the future. All website policies and disclaimers apply.


Any phone call or meeting more than 15 minutes late is considered a missed appointment. It is the client’s responsibility to reschedule. Any missed appointment that is not rescheduled within two weeks of the original appointment is considered forfeit with no refund. My prices are flat rate per session, not per minute – you know your full cost up front. Since I don’t maintain an office or storefront, working in public places helps me to keep prices as low as possible and pass the savings on to you. According to, other readings cost $50 or more on average for a short 30 minute session. All policies and disclaimers appl