Distance Reiki

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What is REIKI?

Reiki is a holistic method of health and wellness developed in the 1920s by Micheo Usui of Japan. It brings your natural mind-body healing energies into better balance. Reiki is excellent at decreasing stress, which in turn benefits overall well-being. Read more HERE.

Many Reiki practitioners use music, candles, incense or aromatherapy oils to enhance the in-person Reiki experience. Crystals can similarly enhance the distance Reiki experience.

What makes it “distance”?

Distance Reiki works the same as in-person Reiki, but without direct touch. The “universal” in “universal life energy” means the energy is everywhere. Reiki is in the stars, on the Earth, deep in the desert, on top of Mount Everest and in the Pittsburgh suburbs all at the same time. The energy is everywhere you are and right here with me. The Reiki method reaches out through that everywhere energy to open and smooth the connection you already have to the life force and allow the natural health and healing processes you already have to function a little better.

What do rocks, crystals and stones have to do with it?

It is hard to imagine how energy near you can be amplified by someone far away. That is where the “sending stones” come in. If we think of natural crystals as sending and receiving the energy like two phones send and receive text messages, then it is easier to imagine. The crystals give a way for our logical side to embrace an intangible process.

Crystals have their own healing lore and energies. That part can enhance the process even further. Any stone or crystal will work perfectly well for the Reiki session, but you can also choose one that matches your needs, intentions, or one you just like. If you would like some suggestions for an extra-helpful receiving stone, just ask when you contact me about the session.

Reiki has a history of being used with inanimate objects as well as living things. Reiki has been used to clear objects of negative energies or to consecrate them for special purposes like the meditation mala beads I make. Glass, metal and minerals work especially well with Reiki energies in their own right. Using them to enhance a distance session for you is very much in keeping with how Reiki works.

During the distance Reiki session, I hold natural clear quartz, which tradition holds is the universal energy amplifier. Think of this part like sending an email or uploading a document to the cloud. While sending the Reiki, I’ll visualize your receiving stone by type (amethyst, quartz, granite, chunk of backyard…whatever you choose) That sets the intention that your receiving stone will connect you to the Reiki energy just like you would download a picture to your computer.

For your part, get a crystal to match your needs or choose one that you already have. Contact me to let me know what kind of crystal you have. If we can, we’ll schedule a time where we send & receive simultaneously. If that isn’t possible, I’ll send to your stone, and you can sit with it whenever you like to relax, meditate, and let the Reiki & life energy support that process.

These distance Reiki sessions are intended for personal enrichment ONLY. These distance Reiki sessions do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness whatsoever. They do not in any way replace professional medical or mental health care. These sessions are  are as-is with no monetary value, no refunds or exchanges. No liability of any kind is accepted. Use 100% at your own risk. Contacting me indicates that you have read and agree to all policies

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