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In addition to 3 decades of working with Tarot and intuition, I am also a Reiki master-practitioner, retired Tai Chi instructor, have a Bachelor degree in Medical Science and a Ph.D. in Natural Health. Lately there has been renewed interest in natural, medication-free stress reduction, so I’ve brought back the online natural health tutorials. They work just like online Tarot readings.

This is a zero liability accepted, friendly conversation. I call it a tutorial because it is intended for inspiration, encouragement and education only. Seriously – this is help with your homework level stuff. This is an introduction to holistic health to help be a good consumer of complimentary treatment and hopefully avoid some costly trial and error.

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NOTHING on this website, in my books or on my personal blog can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any darn thing. NOTHING on this website, in my books or on my personal blog can take the place of professional physical or mental health care in any way. Use at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty. Wash your hands and eat your vegetables.

Choose from:

  • Introduction to Holistic Health
  • Introduction to bead meditation
  • Aromatherapy 1-2-3

Introduction to Holistic Heatlh online tutorial

One hour of private online instruction about the world of Holistic Health, with some customized suggestions to help you improve your healthy lifestyle.


Introduction to Bead Meditation Tutorial

30 minute online consult with one follow-up email, gives an introduction to iusing a strand of beads (mala) for beginner secular (not religious) meditation practice. Includes a copy of ebook “Bead Mindful, Beginner Meditation”


Aromatherapy 1-2-3 online tutorial

30 minute online tutorial with one follow-up email , introduces you to authentic aromatherapy with personalized suggestions to meet your individual aromatherapy needs.


In-person holistic health tutorials and Reiki sessions are closed until further notice. Please follow the blog for any updates.

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