See Examples of My Readings

The best way to decide if my readings are a good match for you is to see some readings for yourself. These examples were donated with the client’s full permission to act as examples. I still redacted any identifying information to protect their privacy. This page is still under construction and the links will go live as the content becomes available.

  • 7 card – email
  • 7 card – video
  • 5 card – email
  • 5 card – video
  • Zombie Cat yes or no
  • 3 card Pathway (seasonal)
  • 5 card “Seasons of the Year” (special offers, New Year)
  • InkMagick Sigil Tarot

The Layouts

  • 7 Card “expanded Modern Oracle” : Cards 1-3 show the path you are currently on with “Lessons From the Past” “Current Situation” and “Moving Forward.” Cards 4&5 show “Advice and Choices” and “Alternate Path” to show what other energy flows are most open if you choose them. Cards 6 & 7 are “Helping Energies” and “Potential Challenges” to help you along whichever path you choose.
  • 5 Card “Modern Oracle”: same as cards 1-5 above
  • 3 card shows your current “Pathway”. Same as cards 1-3 in the Modern Oracle spreads. Offered seasonally.
  • One Card “Daily Meditation”: Thought for the day or a very focused look at a question you know well and have had a bigger reading about before.  Available for purchase in “InkMagick Sigil Tarot” formats only.
  • Zombie Cat Yes-or-No: Give a single yes or no answer with three cards and an interpretation paragraph
  • Seasons of the Year: gives one card theme for each of the four seasons of the coming year, no matter when the reading begins, plus one card to guide the year as a whole. Available during winter holidays only.