Re-introductions are in order: #KofiChallenge 2022

Welcome to TaoCraft Tarot – reintroductions for 2022

The blog, the podcast, and the YouTube channel are free for everyone. None of those things are monetized one bit. I do, however have a ko-fi page that supports those things. Your reading purchases supports me and my time in creating the free content, but the ko-fi goes towards additional expenses like web hosting, replacing dead headphones and the like.

Ko-fi has “challenges” that are both inspirational creator prompts and a way to get both our names into social media. This month’s “challenge” was to reintroduce our page on that blog. I thought it might be a good time for a small reintroduction here, too.

This is the ko-fi post:

The Ko‑fi blog suggested re-introducing our page for the new year and their January “challenge”. I think it is a great idea. If you are new to TaoCraft Tarot, this will give you some extra context. Welcome. I am SO glad you are here.

If you have followed my work for a while – wow! You are something special. Thank you from the bottom of my Tarot-lovin’ heart!! I am SO glad you are here.

But anyway, my name is Ronda. I read Tarot, write Stuff and make things.

The ko-fi tip mug, shop and memberships all go to support the no-charge Tarot content that I create under the TaoCraft Tarot name on multiple platforms: blog, podcast, YouTube channel and social media. None of these are directly monetized so Ko-fi is my only support for this no-charge, free-for-everyone content. I do offer private readings by email, online video call, and (pre-covid) in-person sessions in the PIttsburgh, PA, USA area. The readings subsidize the time I spend writing and posting the free content, but the ko-fi page goes toward web hosting and any production costs (like replacing the headphones that died mid-video that one time)

Most of TaoCraft is Tarot content. I’ve been reading cards since 1991 or so, professionally since the early 2000s. I’ve self-published a small how-to ebook “PeaceTarot” that teaches you to do daily meditation one card readings for yourself for stress reduction (it’s in the shop if you are interested.)

My style of reading Tarot is influenced by Taoism, Zen, and my background in Reiki and Tai Chi. My Tarot reading style is very calm and no-drama as a result. These readings are all about advice, guidance, inspiration and making good choices that can help you to create the future you want, not predict it. Like I always say, “Tarot doesn’t tell you what will happen in life. Tarot helps you figure out what to do when life happens.”

Before 2018, my work was a patchwork of things: Modern Oracle Tarot, handmade meditation beads and jewelry for Quirk & Flotsam Esty shop, with natural health, Reiki and meditation tutorials and ebooks under my name. Since Halloween 2018 everything has been re-branded and bundled together under the TaoCraft name and owl-themed logos.

The pandemic brought changes here just like everywhere. I’ve put party reading on hold until further notice and cut waaayyyy back on individual in-person readings. To make up for the difference, I’ve made improvements in the online parts of TaoCraft Tarot thanks to things like Zoom and the expanded services here on ko-fi. Thanks to your support, progress will continue through 2022 with streamlined ordering for email private readings, learn tarot online classes, and more ebook titles.

One of those upcoming titles is TaoCraft Portfolio. It will tell you all about the philosophy and mechanics of this style of Tarot and probably more about my background than you want to know. In a nutshell, I started out as a physician assistant in psychiatry and cardiology. Then I went back to school by way of remote learning before remote learning was cool. In 2011, I was awarded a Ph.D in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health for my dissertation Reiki and Relaxation (also in the ko-fi shop.) I have taught Tai Chi in the past, and have been a Reiki Master-practitioner since 2000. I still offer distance Reiki through the TaoCraft Tarot website, but meditation & natural health workshops and tutorials are still on pandemic hold. Like Rachel Maddow says “Watch this space.” for announcements as things come back online in days to come.

That’s pretty much it. I occasionally write for my personal just-for-fun blog “Stuff” on Other than Reiki, that’s where the natural health part of things lives for now.

Thank you so much for reading through all of this! If you have any questions or are interested in a private reading feel free to get in touch here, through the contact on the blog, on Instagram (@TaoCraft.Tarot) or on Twitter (@TaoCraftTarot)

See you at the next sip!

All Exposed ’21

TaoCraft Tarot is exposed.

Not, thankfully, to any viruses. BUT all of my available layouts are exposed. No seasonal readings. No limited time cutesy pants special offers. All the Tarot I have to offer is all out in the open for all to see, all affordable and super convenient (only live phone readings need an appointment.)

You can order everything on the home page

  • Seven card by email $40
  • Five card by email $30
  • Three card Pathway by email $20
  • Zombie Cat yes/no $10
  • One card by email $5
  • TimeFlow (4 card get-organized) $20
  • Year Ahead (5 cards, yearly guidance) $30
  • Five card video reading by email $30
  • Five card reading gift certificate $30
  • Ask Zombie Cat Anything – FREE (submit your question HERE)

Or visit the shop for a similar selection of email readings PLUS

  • Hand made mala style meditation beads
  • “InkMagick” pen and ink hand written and illustrated keepsake Tarot readings
  • Downloadable .pdf e-books
  • unique jewelry
  • COMING SOON: mindful moments bracelets

Stay tuned for shop updates on social media (@taocrafttarot on facebook, tumblr and twitter, @taocraft.tarot on instagram) and a return to YouTube starting this coming weekend (barring further last minute schedule changes)

See you on the socials 🙂

Today’s Tarot: The Art of Art

The Knight of Cups is typically about chivalry, and romance, and that Arthurian kind of knight-in-shiney-armour kind of thing. It is sometimes related to art and artists.

As always these days, it is relatable to those of us staying at home. The art piece of this is getting my attention today. When we look back on the social media of these months, I hope everyone remembers the museum at home art challenge thing. I have no idea how it started. I think ultimately it came from museaums posting pictures of pieces from their collection (something MOMA, Musee D’Orsay and others do all the time anyway) on Instagram. When the shutdow happened, other museums became more visible, sharing famous works with the hash #museumfromhome. From there it evolved to people replicating famous artworks with whatever they have on hand during quarantine. It is nothing short of amazing. Please, please, please check it out. The ones that work in a roll of toilet paper or a few are my favorites because that was such a thing and a source of giggles early on in this.

Someone once said that art is something that exists only for its own sake. I don’t 100% agree. I’m fond of art that has usefulness. Tarot for example. It is ephemeral folk performance art of sorts, but has psychological, stress relieving, diversion and entertainment utility.

I define art as that which evokes emotion.

Other than that, no rules about aesthetics or utility. A hand knit sweater can be art because it evokes feeling of comfort, warmth, or associations with the person who created it if it was a gift and so on. The Dada movement appreciated art that was provokative, confronting unpleasant emotions. Even if your response is “eeeww” or “pfft – I could do that” it is still a response, it is still engaging with the artwork, and it is still art. True enough, not all emotion eliciting art has a practical use. If one of Bob Ross’ trees make you happy, then that is more than enough.

And there you have it folks…my college art minor put to good use.

Which brings us back to the Knight of Cups. It is a good reminder that not everything musst have a purpose, and that we can emotionally engage with anything.

Interestingly enough, this also reinforces the message from yesterday about simple pleasures. If you want to re-create a painting and post it online because it amuses you, then that is reason enough to do it. I you want to wear your rattiest old sweater because it makes you feel comfortable, that is reason enough. If you want to gaze out the window at a dandilion in the grass because it is so bright yellow in the sun and it takes your mind off other things for a split second…that is reason enough. That dandilion become art. Life is art and art is life, connected, engaged, and mindful.


Speaking of Instagram….I’m @ Taocraft.Tarot and that is the social media I’m most often on lately. Stop by and say hi if you want. Comments are closed on the website to prevent spam, trolls and unhealthy energy out of our little Tarot studio, but comments are open for converstatio on IG and Twitter (@TaoCraftTarot) See you there!

More Minor Annoucements 11 June 19

Always good to be back. Contact me for scheduling or more information

Summer Schedule

  • There isn’t one this year: Order distance readings 24/7, no appointment needed
  • E-mail, text or call for appointments.
  • Please leave a voicemail if you would like a return call
  • Vacation closures as announced here, Instagram (@Taocraft.Tarot) and Twitter (@TaoCraftTarot)

Special Offers

  • None currently
  • Please subscribe to the blog by e-mail for new giveaways coming later this summer!


Because the K looks cooler

Ok, ok so the background is a little muddled. I want to try and soften the look of it witn a filter for posts, but not sure how to do that for other uploads. This is a low tech solution an app that uploads from a reusable, white-board-like page. I love the eco friendly and affordability aspects along with the ink color and detail. Could solve the downsides, but can’t afford a tablet upgrade right now unless all of you good people order a bunch of readings. But I’m good with low tech with a personal touch but slightly gnarly background if you are. What say you? Does digital InkMagick look like an enjoyable format?

Other new reading formats may be on the

Email or text @taocrafttarot  on telegram to let me know what you think.

ElfCon 5 2018: Bring it

This is the most low stress, laid back downright holiday season in years. My daughter is adult now, the Terry’s oranges are already in the cupboard, it’s a jewelry not knitting year for gifts (less time intensive by a loooong shot)

This year, instead of straight up closing for the holidays, I’ve decided to keep distance Tarot and Sending Stones Reiki open. In-person and party sessions are cut back December 15 – Jan 15 but I have lots of time for Distance work, which suits my introverted eggnog loving, cookie baking, knitting, and mala making holiday plans just fine.

My gift to you was easy to make this year too: use YULECRAFT18 at checkout to get 10% off everything in TaoCraft Tarot Shop except e-books.

The holidays are spookily in hand this year. I’m here to help you deal with your holiday stress with Distance Tarot, Distance Reiki, and handmade mala and other surprises for out of the ordinary gift ideas. I’m only at ElfCon 5 so all of you hectic Santa’s Helpers…bring on the readings and the relaxings 🙂

Don’t forget: If you contact me and don’t get a reply of some kind within one business day PLEASE try again. I’m closed Sundays and US holidays so please be a little extra patient during those times.

I’m on Telegram now (@TaoCraftTarot) if you want to text privately.  The phone only answers daytime business hours (eastern usa time zone) IF I’m not with a client. Otherwise, please leave a voicemail. I get voicemail notices all the time, and that is a pretty reliable way to get through. Ditto for email.

Let the ElfCon Days begin!