Phone Tarot

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  1. Schedule the session: leave a voicemail at 412–206-9171 or email
  2. Pay: using the SECURE PayPal buttons below
  3. Call 412-206-9171 at your appointment time
  4. Enjoy your reading!

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7 card Tarot reading by phone

The exact same card layout that was used for individual in-person sessions. Shows the path you are on, advice/choices, alternate path, helping energies and potential challenges. Allow 1 hour for the session. All policies and disclaimers apply


5 card Tarot reading by phone

Best all-purpose layout when you are not sure what to get. Great for first-time readings! Shows the path you are on, advice/choices, and alternate path. Allow 45 minutes for the session. All policies and disclaimers apply


Zombie Cat’s 3 card YES or NO reading

Answers ONE yes or no question from the point of view of the fictional character Zombie Cat. All entertainment, our resident psychic Zombie Cat will tell you what lies ahead as long as you promise to remember there is a 50% chance he might be DEAD WRONG.


All phone readings require both an appointment and prepayment

Any call that is more than 15 minutes late is considered a missed appointment. Any missed appointment that is not rescheduled within 14 days is forfeit. Keeping appointment times and rescheduling missed calls is the sole responsibility of the caller.

Due to a high volume of spam, the above phone number only answers for scheduled calls. PLEASE leave a voicemail and I will return your call to schedule your session ASAP.