Covid 19 update

  • I will wear a mask throughout all parties and individual readings when community transmission is moderate or higher per CDC reporting
  • When community transmission is low, masking is optional.


  • My Tarot readings are customized, ephemeral folk art consisting of verbal or written discussion of randomly selected Tarot cards. Readings may include artistic embellishments (illustration, keyword notes, photo etc.) Readings are available in email, live online, in-person and pen & paper handwritten formats.
  • The TaoCraft Tarot blog is free and opt in only. E-books are available in the TaoCraft Tarot ko-fi shop


  • I do not predict the future,
  • I do not accept medical or pregnancy Tarot questions.
  • I do not read anyone without their knowledge and direct consent. (Readings focus on the purchaser only)
  • The information and services on this website and in my writings do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illness. They do NOT replace professional medical care, mental health care or qualified financial advice in any way.
  • I do not accept any liability of any kind, real or implied. Use any or all items and services or the information contained therein 100% at your own risk.


  • I will work with you to provide the best session or e-book possible. Tarot is highly customized ephemeral art so no refunds or exchanges are available
  • Making a purchase or scheduling a session indicates your agreement with all policies and disclaimers.
  • To be clear, use of these products, services or any information gleaned from them is entirely at your own risk.


  • Your privacy is top priority. In order to provide the services you request, I collect basic contact information including but not limited to name, age, phone, email, address. No information is shared except with your express written permission or in cooperation with legal authority.
  • Example readings, Q&A readings in the blog, podcast or YouTube channel are used with the questioners knowledge and consent and with all names, dates or other identifying information removed.
  • For accuracy, basic information is re-collected with each new purchase.
  • Each reading is unique, customized, ephemeral art. A reading’s relevance often decreases as time passes. Readings and contact information are routinely deleted. No replacement readings are available.


  • Payment due at time of online order. Secure online payments are processed according to Paypal with standard PayPal buyer protection.
  • Cash in exact change is accepted for in-person individual sessions.
  • No personal checks.
  • Parties: host is responsible for $150 total fee regardless of guest participation.
  • Business appearances: Invoice available by request. Please let me know your contracting & paperwork requirements.


  • Any inappropriate commentary or behavior on the part of a client will result in immediate termination of a session at my sole discretion with no refund.
  • Religious proselytizing is inappropriate and will not be tolerated in any form.
  • I reserve the right to cancel any scheduled reading or party at my sole discretion. You will be notified of the cancellation as soon as it occurs. There is no charge for a cancelled reading or party. Applicable advance payments will be refunded in the event of cancellation on my part.
  • General closures, schedule changes & vacation days will be announced on the blog.
  • Any online Tarot that is more than 15 minutes late is considered a missed appointment. Any missed appointment that is not rescheduled within two weeks of the original appointment day is forfeit. Making the call for the reading and rescheduling missed appointments is solely the customer’s responsibility.
  • I will accept cancellations up to 1 hour prior to an appointment at no penalty to you. No-Show in person appointments subject to a fee of $25. Party cancellations with less than 1 hour notice (or after I arrive at the venue) are subject to a $35 fee.
  • The client may end any in-progress individual reading or Tarot party appearance for any reason, but full rate applies and is due when the session is ended.

Must be 18 or over to purchase

  • Age-appropriate readings are available for teens and younger party guests with adult permission
  • If under 14, young party guests must be accompanied by an adult during the reading.

Copyright Notice

  • All written material copyright Ronda Snow, all rights reserved.
  • Book cover artwork as per front matter attributions, all rights reserved.
  • Blog posts may be shared or quoted with attribution.
  • E-mail readings include photos by the author of the client’s individual card layout. The Tarot decks pictured give permission for such use on their publisher’s website. https://www.llewellyn.com/about/permissions_tarot.php Citation in accordance with that permission in the reading itself. Heart of Stars Tarot 3rd edition used with the direct permission of artist and author, Thom Pham. Animal Wise Tarot used with the permission of DragonHawk Publishing.


  • All appearances are casual attire unless we agree otherwise in advance.

Phone Policies

  • Phone readings have been discontinued and replaced with live online zoom meetings.
  • I do not accept unsolicited sales calls.
  • Voicemail is available 24/7. Texts are accepted.

reviewed and updated July 2022

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