Sending Stones Reiki

What is REIKI?  Click HERE to learn more

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There is no money charge for the session, but I ask your feedback in exchange


To get a session:

  1. Select a sending stone from the photo above. Read more about the stones HERE
  2. Get a piece of the same KIND of stone. It doesn’t have to match size or polish, only type
  3. Read the policy page HERE and download the FREE Sending Stones Users Guide
  4. Fill out the contact form below to start the process.
  5. Find some quiet time to sit with your stone in the palm of your hand and receive the distance Reiki sessions that the stones help us to convey
  6. Please send email to and describe your session, even if you notice nothing at all.
  7. Continue to carry your crystal or stone if you like. Many believe the energies of the stone are helpful all on their own.

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