Sometimes I Need a Pep Talk Too


I’m not going to energize it by talking about the details, but I needed a pep talk this afternoon. Then I pulled this for a “Today’s Tarot” post. Hellooo pep talk.

The three of wands is a very forward facing card for artwork that shows a guy’s back, but that is the whole point. He’s leading the way. We are all going in that direction, so of course we don’t see the man’s face. We are moving ahead into the new frontier together.

It is a very positive, yes kind of card that hints at progress, successes to come, a process, decision made and steps taken, looking ahead with a balance of intuition and logical know-how.

The pep talk I needed was in the realm of professional Tarot readings, so I’m seeing the card in those terms today. If you aren’t a pro Tarot reader, think of this advice in terms of your work or career. Not all career advice comes through coins cards. There is more to humans than money and the same is true of the life lessons that are tied to work and career.

Lesson # 1: Shuffle and draw your cards with focused intent. I was a little bleary eyed about my usual intent (choose a card that will help someone out there in cyberspace) with half a brain on wanting either a pep talk or some kind of good idea. Voila! Pep talk in the form of the Three of Wands. That isn’t to say that it can’t be a good message for both the sitter and the reader. More often than not, that is how it works out, whether we intend it to be that way or not. Tarot readers are real people with real emotions and real ups and downs just like everybody else on Earth.

Lesson #2: Pro readers – heal thyself. Ahead of time. No, no, that’s not exactly it. Nobody’s perfect. If we waited until we are healed and wonderful or whatever nobody would ever give or get a reading again. No, this is more along the lines of “Pro Readers – clear thy head.” Self care is a thing. You really can’t pour from an empty cup. A reader is never going to be perfect but we can at minimum try to focus, put our client’s needs at the forefront and keep some sense of energy boundaries. It helps us and our clients if we stay clear on what energy is for us, and what is for them. Everyone has intuition, and readers are people like everyone else. We are all in this together, and sometimes spirit will speak to us together too.

Lesson #3: Deciding to watch and wait is a decision too. The three of wands hints of coming progress, looking ahead to a goal on the horizon, a process in motion, a journey started but about to move into a new frontier. Forward progress in a journey (like the spiritual growth of the 8 of cups we saw the other day) doesn’t have to mean lightning FAST progress. It is perfectly fine to stop and take a look around so you can continue to move forward in a deliberate and mindful way. Even if you are driving in the slow lane, you are still on the road. That counts.

Even if you need a pep talk every now and again, the work you do matters.