12 Second Tarot: Queen of Pentacles (8-17-19)

Domestic day! Where we live is an echo of our inner world, and also an influence on it. Make a positive feedback loop. A good clean can make you feel a little better, feeling a little better shows in a nicer space and so on. It’s not a material, fancy thing, it’s a self-care energy thing.


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The Tao is about being in harmony with nature…not just rocks and trees (although doing our part to help slow and reverse climate change is very VERY important.)

It is also about being in harmony with the nature of our lives, and our own innate nature as well.

If the nature of your life is BUSY, then a Tarot reading in 12 seconds might be just the thing for you.

Today’s Tarot: Three of Coins


Two or three heads are better than one. Many hands make for light work. Just don’t let too many cooks spoil your soup. Get advice and guidance, but in the end you own your choices.

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Today’s Tarot: Four of Swords (2-23-2019)

4 of Swords…comtemplating….deciding…IS doing something. The mind needs space to work. That workspace at times takes the form of rest, inactivity, watching what thoughts come and letting them go…you know…meditation.

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