12 Second Tarot: Queen of Pentacles (8-17-19)

Domestic day! Where we live is an echo of our inner world, and also an influence on it. Make a positive feedback loop. A good clean can make you feel a little better, feeling a little better shows in a nicer space and so on. It’s not a material, fancy thing, it’s a self-care energy thing.


Zombie Cat’s Summer Shamble



With the Apollo 11 50th anniversary this past weekend, and Lightsail 2’s successful sail deployment yesterday (congratulations Lightsail team and Planetary Society!) all the science in the air woke Zombie Cat from his summer snooze.

Z.C. is awake, shambling around TaoCraft and wanting to do a few Tarot readings in his usual just-for-fun prediction style. To get a FREE yes-or-no Tarot reading answered in the blog (redacted for privacy) just submit your question with the form below or the one on the special offers page.

The heat and humidity makes Zombie Cat really cranky, so any questions that don’t follow the rules go right in the “nope” bin.

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Zombie Cat Q&A: Will I get a cat in 2019?

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 Q: Will I get a cat in 2019?

Your Cards are:


  • Ace of Cups
  • Ace of Coins
  • Four of coins

A: Yes….Why not?

Actually, there are a few good reasons why not…

  • Are you or any of the humans you live with allergic to cats? I’ve seen it happen, and it isn’t pretty. One family member is allergic, but another is too attached to re-home the kitty who has to live with a couple of miserable, resentful humans. Maybe not that tragic, but still not the best vibe possible for humans or felines.
  • While we are on the topic of close relationships (ace of cups) are you allowed to have cats where you live? Cats want a home, not to live a perpetual smuggler’s Kessel run (Star Wars reference – Zombie Cat likes sci fi)
  • Are you willing to commit to giving your fur-friend a long term home? Will they be one of your close circle of friends (still ace of cups)
  • Can you afford to gear up and give your cat the things he needs (food, litter box, toys, vet care if needed, spay/neuter) (ace of coins)
  • Advice: If you can do it right, go for it. Rescue, rescue rescue! A shelter cat is the most affordable way to maybe save a furry life even on a modest budget (4 of coins) plus BONUS! shelter folks know a lot, and can help you if you have any questions about your new fuzz buddy floof friend.

Happy New Year to both of you!


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Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2019!

Zombie Cat Q&A: What will next year bring?

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Q: (M. Asks) “What will next year bring?”

A: 2019 will bring confusion and minor misunderstandings. You can totally change this future by reading and following instructions.

Yes-or-No Tarot formats can’t answer open ended questions like this any more than those magic 8 ball toys can BUT don’t forget 99.999% of the time, the more open a Tarot question is, the better the reading is. Set expectations can be more blinding than enlightening, so you actually did the right thing by keeping open-ness around your question.

So let’s do this instead. Let’s pull a card that will give you a theme, a general read of which way the energies are flowing for you for 2019 as it stands now. But remember all of it can change through your choices and actions. If you don’t like the card or the reading, it might hold a clue how you can change directions instead. It’s all cause and effect really, just like science. Each choice and action is a cause that gives a future effect. That is why “psychic” predictions are pretty unreliable, no more that that 50-50 coin toss probability it talks about in the disclaimer. If I make a specific “prediction” now, any little flutter of your intention could change it all 5 minutes from now. It is more helpful by a long shot to give you larger, more general ideas to help you navigate the larger, more general energy flows that seem to lay ahead.

Your card for today is: The Five of Swords


Ouf! I was teasing earlier when I talked about confusion and following directions earlier, before I drew the card. But the 5 of swords hints that this year might actually be headed in an unsettled direction. The word “jumbled” springs to mind. It doesn’t feel like it all has to do with you…that some might come from other’s indecisiveness and actions, but you have to play your part. “Clean vision” “clear planning” all come to mind. See the gray areas in the sky on the card? That might be clouds or it could symbolize the smoke, fog or confusion of a battlefield. It may be your strong suit, or it may be something you are learning, but it feels important for you to keep your head. No matter what other people are doing, no matter if they are making it easy or hard for you to do, your big task in the upcoming year is to be clear-eyed, and level headed, to see clearly and realistically, even when those around you do not. Hold on to hopes and dreams, yes, but don’t force them onto the world around you. See what is really there so you can do whatever needs done. The universe will unfold perfectly, but on it’s time frame, not ours. Things might not turn out how you want or expect….but if you are ok with that, it gives room and energy for things to turn out BETTER than you expected, too.

Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions make their TaoCraft Tarot Debut


We’ll give Zombie Cat his formal introduction to TaoCraft Tarot a little later. Short version: Zombie Cat was inspired by Shrodinger’s famous thought experiment, an episode of “Menage A Tarot” podcast and the simple question “Why not both?”

You can order Zombie Cat’s yes-or-no readings anytime in the shop, but every now and again Zombie Cat shambles out of the shadows and gives yes-or-no readings for free in the form of anonymous blog posts. Ask Zombie Cat anything. Who knows what kind of answer you will get, but you will get an answer that is 100% absolutely guaranteed to contain words and maybe even whole sentences. Anything else, there is at least a 50% chance of it being dead wrong.

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