Distance Tarot is open now and all holiday season long

I’m not making up the coffee part. Intuition works best when you are comfortable and can be in the flow of it (a rather Taoist – like notion, don’t you think?) Although meeting people in-person and doing Tarot parties is total fun and one of the real joys of being a Tarot reader, the writer in me loves curling up with my TarotCards, my laptop, a hot cuppa joe and diving in. It’s a different, more energy attuned way of connecting with intuition and spiritual guidance for people. Handwriting with pen and ink is even more so. I call it my specialty just because I enjoy it so much. I’d like to do even more distance work in 2020 than I have in the past. But I’m happy to help with either style. In-person appointments resume January 2. Distance readings are available now (order on the home page, noappontmentneeded)

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Tarot reading for today

Left: Eight of Pentacles – Almost there. Energies are right to see things through. Don’t sabotage yourself by giving up too soon.

Middle: Ten of Swords – Not everything is a big spiritual experience. Sometimes reality pins you down. Stare the dirt in the face and see reality as it is. THEN get up and make the most of the lemons life hands you.

Right: Eight of swords – Your creativity can save you. Close your eyes, be very quiet and physically still. Listen to the wind and hear the truth within.

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National Letter Writing Month

I suck at writing letters.

So OF COURSE I’m celebrating National Letter Writing Month.

If I’m negligent about writing personal letters, it’s because it hard to think of something interesting to say besides SSDD written in big crayon. So let’s give ourselves something to talk about – TAROT!

Handwriting has been niggling at me lately, hand in hand with learning about Sigils. I’ve known and used the power of the written word for myself for, well, decades. Journaling, affirmation writing, setting energy, a written word form of sigil work. It’s all been a very positive experience. I can’t promise it will work as well for everyone, but I’m still going to put some of that positive mojo into my Tarot work as a whole.

“InkMagick Sigil Tarot” is that Tarot-meets-writing combination. Each reading is hand written (as legibly as I can muster, calligrapher I’m not) and includes your uniquely drawn card, the interpretation, a “sigil” or symbol or doodle or something non-verbal given by spirit or intuition, then wraps up with a positive affirmation statement based on the reading.

I can write it in my “Rocketbook” which converts the handwritten page into a PDF document, so I can email it to you.

OR I can send it on honest to goodness old fashioned ink on paper. I charge a little more for those to cover the cost of paper, postage, and the side trip to the post office.

Getting letters is as much fun as sending them. More, actually. So I’m more than happy to e-mail from clients and readers. Here is a contact form to make it easy for you. Say something! Please!

Have a good weekend – R.

Thoughts on pens

Our keyboards and devices are pens, electrified and empowered to send the magic of words farther and fastee ghan ever before. Almost a full circle, actual handwriting and drawings can be sent electronically without taking a picture, without converting to type.

I’m hoping these “digital handwriting” format Tarot readings will be as popular as I believe them to be powerful. REALLY old school pen and for-real paper by snail mail readings are avaiable too.