12 Second Tarot: 2 of Swords (17 September 19)

Difficult situations require that we look with our heart as much as our with our eyes.

The two of swords is often read as being “of two minds” about something….a choice between two things of such equality that it is almost impossible, or maybe pointless, to decide.

Often, though, there is a little more to it than that.

Diane Morgan gives a unique reading of the card in her book “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” which for all the obvious reasons is far and away one of my favorite Tarot book. She reads it as a ‘mystical unity’. Instead of indecision between two things, she saw it as profound, etheric, or sublte connection between two things. That is the energy that is stepping forward today.

Today, the two connected things are nothing less than you and the universe.

Which is just how you can decide between two things and make a difficult choice. See with your heart. Before you can make the compassionate choice, or take the higher road, you have to figure out what that is. The idealistic…or even the ideal choice isn’t always obvious. The two of swords is your permission to follow the energy, follow the spiritual choice even if it isn’t obvious to other people. You may the one seeing with more than your eyes.

12 Second Tarot: The Hermit (11 September 19)

Time alone is a mirror that reflects your true self to your own eyes. How do you feel when you are alone? If you are uncomfortable, why? Understand that, and you’ll have a good idea how to make things better.

Taraffirmation #2

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12 Second Tarot: Three of Cups (9-1-19)

It’s a day for friendships and simple pleasures. Even if you are alone, know there is someone, somewhere who enjoys that nice little thing too. The happiness you take from that simple little treat is a shared experience. ☕

12 Second Tarot: Two of Wands

We are standing on the edge of seasonal change. Look ahead. Make a dream clear in your mind.

Then prepare to laugh when real life turns out to be entirely different. Making a plan B might not be a bad idea while you are at it.


Be happy. Be well. R.

12 Second Tarot: Queen of Pentacles (8-17-19)

Domestic day! Where we live is an echo of our inner world, and also an influence on it. Make a positive feedback loop. A good clean can make you feel a little better, feeling a little better shows in a nicer space and so on. It’s not a material, fancy thing, it’s a self-care energy thing.