Today’s Tarot: Five of Wands (12 August 2019)

The Five of Wands hints at victory after a challenge. Just because it is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Neither does it mean take things lightly. Take it on, but focus, then no matter what happens you can walk away head held high.

Today’s Tarot: Knight of Pentacles (22 July 2019)

It’s a day to roll up your sleeves and get the real world work done. The emphasis is on the practical. Give intellectual and spiritual efforts a rest, and pay attention to the rare gift of this physical existance.

Today’s Tarot: The Wheel (13 July 2019)

Life never changes at at perfectly steady pace. It speeds and slows of its own accord. The trick is knowing when to nudge it along and when to let it flow, although most of the time it is the latter.


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Today’s Tarot: Seven of Wands (11 July 2019)

Sometimes the best way forward is straight through. To borrow a phrase, just do it. Maybe a little melee is just what we need, especially if the confrontation is with oneself.


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