Vision 2020

We all saw it coming.

We are going to be up to our eyeballs in vision references this year. Including this reminder to glimpse at the special offers page. Please subscribe to the blog with the box  you can see to the right on laptop or down below on mobile. After all you want a good view of all the special offers and new content, don’t you?

All kidding aside, the idea of a “vision statement” has caught my attention. A new client recently asked if I had a web page or anything that talked about my philosophy about Tarot. I hadn’t given it much thought recently. We have already been there and done that in the old Tarotbytes blog. In the process of re-branding from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot, I’ve put loads of nuts-and-bolts information under the “about” tab on the website: Bio, prices, example readings, how to schedule, you name it. So far it’s all business and not so much philosophy.

Now it’s time to share my vision with you again. It has evolved and grown just like I have. Look for a new series of posts under the category “Portfolio.”

Artists put together portfolios when they interview for a job to show their skills and artistic vision to a potential employer. Tarot readers have a lot in common with artists.  I am putting together a portfolio to share my vision of Tarot with you in the hopes you will hire me to do readings for you. It is just that simple. It is just that clear. When you are working with any kind of vision, it is always better to stay focused.

Keep a weather eye on the horizon, there is lots more to come including the usual 12 Second Tarot (almost) daily meditations, and the “You Choose” interactive Tarot reading posts here on the blog page and on the assorted social media accounts.



12 Second Tarot: The Chariot (2020-02-17)

Spirit speaks to everyone, but it whispers. The only way to hear over the crash and clatter of daily living is to pay attention and to be fully here in this present moment. That is the kind of attention the Chariot asks of us. Life moves fast. It takes deliberate mindfulness to connect with what you need to hear otherwise subtle guidance is whispers in the wind.

My Tarot Valentine 2020: Queen of Pentacles

Heart of Star Tarot by Thom Pham. Used with permission.

There are a million was to show affection.

Sometimes it is a smile to a stranger. Or making a favorite meal. Or not saying anything when it’s not your favorite meal. Or asking if you have your keys and phone. Or putting a little extra salt on the ice by where you park your car. Or sending a random funny meme. Or letting yourself nap. Or giving an extra long hug. Chocolates are nice, but the little everyday sprinkles of love are the best.

Best Contact

Over the next week or so, I won’t be available by telephone or voicemail. You are more than welcome to text, send email or contact me through social media.

There will probably be some delivery delays for email readings. I wish I could be more specific, but it all hinges on when mom’s lab tests come back and when she is discharged from the hospital again.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t work down there in that energy environment. I’ve tried before and it didn’t go well. This ties in with some of the upcoming posts that I have planned. Those might not happen until I get home either, so let’s just say I’ll explain everything later when I get home. It is all Tarot how-to, behind the scenes, my side of the reading table type stuff. It really does relate to intuition, Tarot, spirituality, all that sort of thing. I hope you’ll stay tuned and take a peek.

That being said, for the rest of January I’ll be posting Taraffirmations and quotes instead of 12 Second Tarot ot You Choose Tarot posts. Then starting Febrary 1st, look for a revival of the Modern Oracle / Tarotbytes blog series “My Tarot Valentine.”

I’m just deeply grateful for the internet connection down there. It’s not super serious, medically speaking, but a fragile elderly lady needs a little tlc, and that just happens to put me in an environment 1. Makes me a little nuts and 2. Makes it impossible for me to do any sort of Tarot or Reiki work.

I’m also deeply grateful for all of you reading this and following TaoCraft Tarot on the socials. Don’t forget the FREE digital ink magic email reading on the specials page. It might take a few days to get it to you but, I promise, it will get there eventually.