Getting the band back together

Thom Pham’s Heart of Stars Tarot is hands down one of my favorite decks. The colors and artwork are beautiful plus his writing on each card is adept and thought-provoking. Best of all, most of the images are based on movies and television.

That is exactly how my intuition often works. Almost every reading has a movie or song reference tied to one or more of the cards. Those kinds of references have multiple benefits. Not only does it communicate the message more clearly to me so I can do the best possible reading for the client, a pop culture reference is something that we might have in common which makes it very easy to describe the energy to them. I always mention any pop-culture references that come through when I ‘m doing a reading. Not only does it clarify the current message and improve overall communication, the client may have some private connection to the reference that gives extra background context that the card alone couldn’t give.

Pop culture references by way of intuition keeps Tarot relevant to our time at the same time that it’s connecting us to timeless wisdom.

Today’s motion picture feature is the Blues Brothers. I’ve been earworming “we’re getting the band back together” the whole time I was writing a post by that name on my personal blog. I’m getting the band back together, except Tarot is singing lead this time.

A long time ago in a blogisphere far, far away, I started doing Tarot readings to help finance my tuition and dissertation. After I finished getting my Ph.D off the internet like Dr. Duffenshmirtz, I tried to bundle the Tarot under a holistic health consulting practice I was trying to start on the aforementioned blog. It didn’t work. So I put the natural health work under my name, kept the Tarot separate on what was then with its Tarotbytes blog and added Quirk & Flotsam on Etsy which again combined the meditation tutorial supplies with Tarot readings.

With all of those names and scattered focus, it was a little bit of a hot mess.

BUT it was a hot mess that I learned a tremendous amount from.

One of the most pivotal things that I learned was that I am not a healer.

I. Am. NOT. A healer.

As much as I may have wanted to think of myself as a healer at one point in time, I’ve come to realize that it was an aspiration that came from an unhealthy place, not an authentic one. Psychic advisor, spiritual guide, coach, tutor, Taoist, Buddhist, atheist, witch, knitter, hockey fan – sure, why not? But healer? No thank you, not any more.

I never set out to be a teacher, but that is largely what the natural health has always been about. Old school naturopaths in every discipline and culture used education as a way to make a lasting impact on their patient’s overall health and well being. By teaching and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, these tutorials can give you the tools to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself. They call it complimentary care for a reason. I’m not here to heal you any more than I’m here to predict the future with Tarot.

I’m here to encourage, inspire, facilitate processes and spark ideas. Healing implies fixing a specific something which equates to giving a person being given that one proverbial fish. I’m here to teach you to fish or at least give you some ideas how to improve your own fishing net, so to speak.

It wasn’t my intention to become a coffee sipping yoda, yelling suggestions and encouragement from the cave opening while Luke fought his dark side, but here we are.

Cue the yoda related pop culture song reference.

That is why this time around I’m calling them natural health tutorials. I give you information so you can decide if you want to pursue ongoing in-person treatment with a practitioner near you or just generally help you craft a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Whatever you name it, this time around, all the original band members are back together under one Tarot themed roof, or at least under the Reiki menu tab. Click HERE for more information or to schedule.

OR Tarot is always here, no appointment needed. It’s all here for you to explore.

The choice, as always, is yours.

Throw Way Back Thursday

While life is at elfcon-1 and the holidays are what they are, thought it might be fun to do a throw back Thursday. I don’t do that often, since Tarot is a very present-moment kind of thing. You can’t step into the same energy flow twice to paraphrase that old saying about a river.

Here is a post I wrote on my old Modern Oracle Tarotbytes blog from 2010, just for the fun of it.

Parralax – May 27, 2010 (Tarotbytes blog,

“Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 1, Camera 2” ~ Wayne’s World 2

Ever play with that trick of eyesight? Close one eye, and hold up a pencil so it lines up with an object in the distance. Then switch eyes and the pencil seems to jump to one side. Things don’t line up the same way.

In astronomy, this is called parallax. In biology, it’s called binocular vision where the brain combines the two slightly different views from our two eyesto give us depth perception. it’s the camera 1 / camera 2 slight difference in viewpoint allows us to perceive distance. Two eyes lets us visually live in three dimensions. It helps us to not walk into objects and learn our environment the hard way.

A similar idea is true in Tarot and psychic work. Getting a reading isn’t predicting the future…it is getting a second look, a separate viewpoint that lets us see with greater clarity, depth and understanding. It helps us be a bit more perceptive, and not have to do everything the hard way.

Two third-eyes are better than one.

Even those of us who do readings will sometimes GET a professional reading in order to improve our understanding and fill in any blind spots.

I like to think that psychics consulting psychics is a bit like binocular vision…two views that can be fused together into a higher quality, more useful vision. It is a bit like the very large array of radio telescopes made famous in the movie “Contact”…each person, psychic or not, has their own individual “radio telescope” except that we call it intuition. When we communicate with another antenna, it gives a result that is like having a dish as large as the distance between them.

If one eye is closed, then depth perception doesn’t work. If one telescope is down, the array doesn’t work as well. We each bring our part to a reading. You bring your insight too. Working together, we double our view. Depending on a psychic, or a reading to “predict” the future, or what will happen is third-eye-blind.

Work together, by combining your knowing and insight with the reading, taking responsibility for your actions and decisions…working with the psychic that way, you can see farther into the cosmos.

Wishing you open-eyed clarity

YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Commitment, Congratulations, Cognition

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Confession 9: I am Zombie Cat


I’m a clairvoyant and I have a confession. I … am Zombie cat.


Welcome to Clairvoyant Confessional. I’m Ronda. I read Tarot, write stuff and make things. Happy Halloween season 2021. 

Every Halloween as part of celebrating TaoCraft Tarot’s grand opening anniversary, I like to do something with Zombie Cat  readings. 

Because Halloween. And Zombies. This is Pittsburgh after all.

What is a Zombie Cat reading?  I’m glad you asked! 

It’s my particular spin on a classic, ubiquitous, nobody knows exactly where it came from yes or no style of Tarot reading.

Zombie Cat is a fictional character, a sort of alter ego that emerged from a blog post from 2015. The post was inspired by a combination of Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment and the Test Tubes and Tarot decks episode of the Menage A Tarot podcast. 

Don’t worry, there are links to that and all sorts of other supplementary stuff in the episode description. 

Tarot readings are one thing, but the process of doing a particular layout isn’t great material for an audio podcast. So let’s get back to Zombie Cat. Why Zombie Cat? 


Why not?

Part of the original post was instead of only dead or alive, what if BOTH was an option for Schrodinger’s experiment?

No no no….don’t go all pedantic on this and tell me that quantum states are binary and the experiment really is JUST one or the other. It’s a THOUGHT experiment. If nothing is impossible, what’s the harm in thinking about the wildly improbable? Especially since, in this case, the experiment is being applied to abstract metaphysics, not didactic ACTUAL physics.

But on second thought, maybe binary quantum physics is a better mascot for a yes or no Tarot reading than I originally intended. 

Anyway, the Zombie Cat blog post mostly talks about predicting the future  and how so-called accurate predictions are themselves all but impossible and not very helpful.

So OF COURSE I name the most impractical, prediction oriented, pure entertainment layout that I do after our friend, Zombie Cat. 

These layouts are a ton of fun to do. I deliberately set aside all the usual caveats and complications that come with old fashioned horror movie predictions and have at it. Any question goes, all predictions will be made all in the name of entertainment all with the knowledge that these readings are 100% guaranteed to contain words but have a 50% chance of being DEAD WRONG.

The short version of how the layout works is 

Step 1. Ask a question. Any question. If it isn’t a yes-or-no questions, Zombie Cat will change it into one.

Step 2. Shuffle the deck

Step 3. Deal the cards into 3 stacks, stopping a stack when it gets to an ace card or a total of 13 cards, whichever comes first Why 13 cards? I dunno. Why aces? I have no idea. That’s just how I learned it, and it works. It’s as good of a method as any and any method will do for these kinds of Halloween shenanigans.

If you get  3 aces your answer is yes, two aces showing means maybe, but leaning yes. Only one ace showing is maybe but leaning no. No aces showing is a straight up no answer.

Zombie cat will lay the answer out plain & simple, with a light touch of humor. I will warn you, ZC has a tendency to get a tiny bit snarky with these readings. But it is all intended in good fun.


If I’m doing one of these as private reading for an email client, I’ll add some of the serious stuff too, like individual card meanings, additional thoughts for the non-ace cards plus any purely intuitive thoughts that come through like crystal energy or aromatherapy suggestions…just like the way I summarize all of my readings. 

Zombie Cat readings are all for just for fun. I enjoy these readings in a lot of the same way I enjoyed those non branded mysterious black pool ball toys we all had as kids.

I’ll make you a deal. I’m in a Zombie Cat mood this afternoon. Send me a question either on spotify, on anchor fm voice messages, or at the contact in the show description, I’ll do a Zombie Cat style reading for your question in the next recorded episode of Clairvoyant Confessional.

Short outro. 

Thank you all so much for listening! I hope you’ll stay tuned for the ALMOST daily sip of tarot nano episodes that are generated by the print blog. 

The music you hear is the song dimension by the Pittsburgh band Dinosoul, all copyrights reserved, used here with permission. 

I’ll talk to you the next time on Clairvoyant Confessional. Meanwhile, I’ll see you on the print side. 

Long outro

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I’d like to announce -it’s October.

image via picsart free app

I’m saving the best – or what I think is the best – tidbit for Halloween. But for now, here is a few other era-of-the-equinox, slow-roll-out things I’d like to share.

This month is the third anniversary of re-branding from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot. It seems to be the time of year to rename things. October always has been a magickal, creative, energetic time of year here. Over time I’ve learned not to question why, but just roll with it. It is a good time of year for things to change: leaves, postings, podcasts – you name it.

Three things:

The “Today’s Tarot” short format daily one card readings are re-titled “A Sip of Tarot” because that is about all they are, a little sip of tea (or coffee) sized touch of Tarot to start your day.

I’m spilling that tea (or coffee) all over the place. After being on Menage A Tarot with David and Kate, following a variety of podcasts over the past couple of years (Ninth World Journal is still top of my list) and creating Clairvoyant Confessional solo – I’ve come to appreciate audio communication more than ever before. “A Sip of Tarot” will be here on the blog, on YouTube Shorts, on the Clarivoyant Confessional podcast, and on the ko-fi public blog.

Speaking of ko-fi, THAT is the biggie announcement for tonight. “A Seat at the Tarot Table” Memebership is now open. Members on Ko-fi get a “seat at the tarot table” which includes a members-only monthly tarot reading (similar to the year-ahead layout only focused on a single month) AND a private year-ahead reading by email at no extra charge when you join. I’ve packed up all the cutesy pants special offers and moved them over there. From now on any special offers and giveaways are off of social medial and only on the tarot table in ko-fi memeberships.

It may be October but one thing is NOT changing: You are already at THE place to get it all. Follow this blog and you’ll get it all of the free Tarot that you get now: Sip of Tarot, YouChoose Interactive Tarot, plus print-only posts that won’t appear anywhere else. Links to new membership posts will be here too along with all of the podcast transcripts.

OK – business is out of the way. Now go enjoy your October Friday.

Here is some thing to get the party started: updated the TaoCraft Halloween playlist on Spotify for 2021. Enjoy!

Happy Coffee Day

Image: Picsart free app backgrounds

Happy National Coffee Day! Of course, EVERY day is coffee day around here. Luv the stuff. Will sip a spiced cup in your honor while I type when you order a distance reading by email.

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Thank you all so much!

Kitten Whiskers: Box of Science.

You wouldn’t expect a Tarot reader to be into science, but I am.

The two aren’t so mutually exclusive as you would think. We talk about exactly that in the “Test Tubes and Tarot Decks” episode of Menage A Tarot podcast from 2015. That episode along with Shrodinger’s famous feline inspired the blog post (and to some extent my alter-ego character) Zombie Cat.

Sticking with the cat theme, Kitten Whiskers is a series of posts where I go off topic and indulge in a little unpaid, I-got-squat-for-saying-this, spontaneous fangirling.

Today’s kitten whiskers post is very commercial, and frankly me gaming for free stuff (I suddenly feel like Markaplier asking for a Takis sponsorship) but there is something I’ve enjoyed a lot lately: my box of science.


That’s what I called my new Force of Nature appliance when it came.

When I was in high school, I did an independent study (foreshadowing for a future dissertation?) about passive solar heating. Since then, I’ve been convinced that the answer to climate and ecological issues is to break from our deeply ingrained utterly ubiquitous pattern of industrial era production and distribution of everything from toilet paper to electricity. Toilet paper I can’t help you with, except to encourage a switch to bamboo (I *heart* bamboo) The solution to sustainable electricity, as I see it, is distributed production.

It’s a collective effort thing. Together we are strong. Kune ni estas fortaj. We need a tribe to survive. No man is an island. I don’t have the resources or land to grow my own food much less bamboo for toilet paper. Instead of being dependent on outdated infrastructure we can band together, make things and stuff, and collectively through this.

Until we have solar panels and a small or vertical profile wind turbin (BOTH – when the one’s not active, the other often is) on every roof feeding into a large smart grid, I’ll settle for this one small proof of concept and feel very smug about it in the process: Force of Nature multipurpose cleaner.

Never expected to stan for a cleaner of all things. My homemaking style has always been more akin to a Rod Stewert concert than a Martha Stewert episode. In a nutshell, this device takes water, adds a little salt and vinegar, zaps it with electricity for 10 minutes to scramble the atoms and gives you a bottle full of properly diluted hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide.

What THAT means is this stuff is the shizznit and really does kill germs. The only draw backs are 1. you have to wipe it dry because it doesn’t contain alcohol or drying agents (as if you don’t wipe anyway after you have to rinse chemical cleaning agents) and 2. the molecular magic degrades, so you need make a fresh batch every 10 days.

I’ve stopped counting the days because I use it up fast enough that it doesn’t matter. To paraphrase that infamous Frank’s hot sauce commercial, I spray that stuff on everything.

As long as it is hasn’t been allowed to degrade, the solution is an effective disinfectant on hard surfaces including all of the bad-nasties on the EPA list N including viruses. As I understand it, this stuff will kill the ‘rona on your doorknobs, light switches and kitchen counters – you name it. But for goodness’ sake don’t use it in or on you, although it is safe to spritz on stuff that winds up in somebody’s mouth…like binkies, sippy cups and toothbrushes. It’s safe to use without rinsing in the kitchen.

Force of Nature solves its problem of shelf-stability with my high school epiphany – distributed production instead of production and distribution. Rather than it to sit around in a truck or store shelf, they made fast, easy and mistake-proof to make on your own. Instead of producing something to distribute, they’ve distributed the production and we all get a better product because of it.

To my mind, the comparison points are plastic use, efficacy, and overall carbon footprint. Over time, the plastic use is minimal. The capsules are recyclable wherever they take #5 plastics, the spray bottle that comes with the starter kit is reusable (or use your own.) Fuel use to for a one-time shipment the applieance and later batches of capsules is small compared to shipping all of the bottles of water-weight cleaners that you would otherwise use over the lifetime of the appliance. Consider, too, the environmental impact of producing and shipping the constituent chemicals in the first place in addition to the cost/impact of manufacturing the shelf-stable proprietary cleaners that we commonly use now.

Bottom line: If you figure in the costs of producing and shipping capsules and the initial cost of the production unit over its lifetime of use, then you have WAY more math than I’m willing to do. But I’m guessing the Force of Nature product is in the neighborhood of $1 per bottle of safe and effective and versatile solution. That buck-a-bottle at my house has replaced kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, to some extent carpet refresher plus added something that I almost never used before – spray disinfectant. I never used such products because of the chemicals. I don’t care what perfume they dumped in it, it SMELLED like chemical disinfectant and FELT like industrial waste. This is a happy bleach-like clean and fresh as spring air. It reminds me of an outdoor swimming pool in sunshine, which I consider a nice thing (in spite of my preference for cooler cloudy weather.) I almost never used lysol or similar sprays before – but did I mention I spray this stuff on everything?

That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

So if you like dollar store level prices and want to check out my new favorite box of science, I’d appreciate if you’d use the link below. It might get me a few free capsules, and like everyone, I’ve got germs to kill and odors to eliminate.


Force of Nature Clean

**Speaking of Kitten Whiskers and Zombie Cat, don’t forget that yes/no readings are $5 off until Halloween. No appointment needed. Order anytime on the home page.

25 August 2021

How did the summer go so fast? I guess traveling between pandemic spikes will do that. Speaking of which, transmission is still in the red zone, so the no in-person services policy is still in place. Distance readings by phone, zoom, skype or email is OPEN (no appointment needed for email readings.) Staying home in the AC doesn’t seem like a bad idea anyway with this hot as stinkballs weather we have had lately. Not a fan of sun and humid. Not going to stop me from binge swilling pumpkin spice coffee for the next six months though.

Still scheming up some things for fall. Got one more done: Formatted, updated the cover and uploaded Reiki & Relaxation which is basically my doctoral thesis reworked into .pdf format. You can order it along with PeaceTarot and Triquetra on the Ebooks page. Plus have a couple of youth/small adult “Mindful Moments” bracelets in the shop. (6.5 inch around, but stretchy)

But it WILL be September soon, which means I have to stop being aghast that I first picked up Tarot and oracle cards in the 1991-ish era. I know for sure it was well before ’93 because I changed jobs and moved to a new apartment that year. Still, 29-30 years is a long time. It’s making me feel old just talking about it so moving on….

In celebration of this astonishing realization, 7 card email readings purchased here on the website are $1 for each year of card reading….$30 is a $10 discount and will only last until the Autumnal Equinox on September 20. Then it’s back to the no cutesy pants promotions policy.

Because … SCIENCE!!

Image by bitmoji

I’m vaxxed.  So are a majority of folks over 12 in our county and community transmission is low per the cdc website.

So in keeping that data, in-person individual readings are back on a reduced summer scedule.

If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask because nobody wants your delta varient cooties.

If you are not vaccinated ffs GET vaccinated, nobody wants you to die, either. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

I’m not being rude, but I won’t be shaking hands and will be using hand sanitizer for both of our sakes.

Party Tarot is back with an updated service area starting in September…just in time to schedule for Halloween.

Masking policy and the status of in person sevices are subject to change. I’m following the data and setting the rules as the situation warrants. Because … science !!

Details HERE, link in profile. Image by @bitmoji (❤ that app)

Summer update

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