YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Stand, Act, Think

YOU choose how this video / reading is to be used. A look at the week ahead, guidance for your day, or guidance about a particular question or topic….you choose. 

BUT it works best if you have your purpose clearly in mind when you choose your card. 

Take a minute, or choose on impulse. If you want more time to think, pause the video and restart when you are ready to see your card revealed and hear the interpretation.

If you would like additional clarity, private readings are available by email HERE, no appointment needed – order anytime! I’m open for the holidays, but delivery may take longer than usual.

Thank you so much for reading and watching! I really appreciate your support.

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Path Through the Week

At first I thought the Hermit was a reading I’d done for a person, but actually it was today’s short on YouTube. There is a LOT of overlap between the blog and the channel, but not 100%. Following the blog is the best way to get everything, especially blog exclusive, print only content – but if you can spare a like, sub, or share on the ‘tube I’d sppreciate it!

YouChoose Interactive Tarot August 9-16

Interactive Tarot videos might be away for the second half of August, but I won’t be. I’m right here and available for email readings anytime. Order 24/7 and I’ll get the reading right to your inbox, usually within 12-24 hours (weekends and holidays are slower) And there is always new blog-only content trickling in. It pays to follow the blog. It’s the only way to get ALL of TaoCraft Tarot content one convenient place.

So I’m not on hiatus one bit.

I’ll be right here winding some things down from summer and spooling some other things up for fall. You can preview some of it now at Your support goes toward webhosting the blog, and producing more posts and podcast episodes.

I am, as always grateful to you for sharing some time with me and reading this. You rock!


YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Work Your Magic

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