The Reading Room

Welcome. I commend your curiosity.

There is only one door. The only way into the Reading Room is through the main menu on this website, or by my personal invitation. There are no links in from other pages or from social media. It has never been mentioned in the blog or anywhere else. If you are here, it was destined to be so. Get a reading, or do some reading, you are welcome here.

Crystal Scrying

Not available anywhere else, this is a psychic reading in its purest form. No cards, no methods, just pure spirit, energy and intuition while I scry (gaze, look at) quartz, selenite or other crystal as guided. Sent by email, all website policies and disclaimers apply


One card digital InkMagick by email

Handwritten Tarot reading with ‘sigil element’ illustration is converted to .pdf and sent to you as an email attachment. Has all of the same features as other distance tarot. All policies and disclaimers apply


Paper and ink physical “InkMagick” readings are available in the shop. The seven card keepsake version comes staple bound in a cardstock cover. This is a one of a kind Tarot experience. Ideal for book-lovers, InkMagick Tarot is a reader’s reading.